Hair dye :(

Yesterday my mom bleached my hair and messed it up. She used it all for under the top layer so the part everyone can see isn't dyed and the bleach formula she used made an abnormal portion of my hair break off. (It was her first time bleaching my hair too) And today's she dyed it Salmon and it looks terrible. Some of it looks pink, other parts look like a burnt orange, and some just isn't colored at all. The sample we picked from was pink, but since my mom bleached it a bright yellow instead white it looks bad. She thinks it looks great, but I hate it and I can't tell her. I asked if I could at least get a professional to bleach it, but she yelled at me and now I feel like I'm never going to dye my hair again because only my mom can touch it. And on top of it I can't even pick the color out myself. I wanted something darker, but my parents only let me pick colors close in hue to my real color. It's annoying and this is the second time my hair has come out crappy.

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