Wearing a bikini, you lose the hand, which comes off?

I'd been drinking at our pool party. Dancing with my husbands 2 friends ...both of which are cute! ...in my bikini - which they seemed to enjoy!
Someone said lets play cards.
"What game?"
"Strip poker!"
I said, "In your dreams you guys! I'm only wearing 2 things - and you guys are back in all of your clothes!"
You've never seen 3 guys strip down to their underwear and and their shirt!!
I lost the first hand.
I stand up, swaying a little - and vaguely recalled that I've had this fantasy before...."What do I take off? Do I go WTH?....or be demure and just drop my bikini top?"
"WTH, girl!"
I hooked my thumbs in the sides of my bikini bottoms and slid them down my legs. Embarrassingly - they caught for just a second up in my crotch before they sprang loose - and flipped down ....as I stood with my hands on my hips - bottomless in front of three adult men....proud of my brunette triangle.
You could hear a pin drop!
After I lost my top - they asked me to dance for them....I said, how about I dance WITH you?- with each of you.
We did. They certainly seemed to enjoy that! BTW - they were naked too, now.
Like, I'm going to dance naked with a clothed man!?
"What's in it for me!?" I asked them. Bingo ! They stripped.

20 days

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  • Did they c** in your holes? If so which ones and how many times?

  • During spring break, we'd been drinking and smoking weed for hours.
    My boyfriend's friends dared me to take my top off, lay on the table so they could do tequila shots out of my belly button. As you can guess, one breast got the salt and the other got the lime wedge. lol.

  • That sounds true. And sexy! Good for you - you popular girl!

  • Please tell me you were ganga banga that night

  • Yes! How can I say….

    Before you know it they were “in” me. By the time my hubby got back to the pool I had one of his friends in each hole. Those guys wouldn’t give Jim a chance to join in. Before they were done they each came in all of my holes.

    I was too tired and sore by the time they were done with me and poor Jon just stood there and kept waking off

  • I think that they all had something that was in you. Did you enjoy f****** all three of them?

  • Oh YES

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