The most difficult catch

Sometimes we make mistakes. Sometimes we get it right. Sometimes a mistake works out.

I fell into a platonic relationship with a man at work. Bad decision, but I couldn't help myself. Must be a woman thing. After months on the edge he decided to give me a try. I tried, hard. I wanted him to see me as a woman, not a girl at work.

After several months he invited me to join him on a lunch with two friends, not a date. He asked me to order for him. We sat close and when we left he walked me out by the shoulder. In the car he tapped my knee to get my attention, in the elevator we stood side by side.

It was several more months before he took me to family affair. "My friend' he said. A year had gone by, not one kiss. After the luncheon at his sister's he suggested we go to an art fair at a downtown loft. He bought me a painting, very nice one too. He came to my place to hang it, first time there. He chose my bedroom, bed unmade, underwear on the floor (lesson learned).

He talked to me in my room, he asked me if I 'allowed' men, I said no. He said 'good', 'are you a virgin?' I admitted I was. 'Good' he said, 'not a virgin, not interested'.

He's old school, sees a woman as a virtuous being. I wasn't a virgin the next day. One more year before I got married.

Women are supposed to play hard to get, not men.

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