In the end my girlfriend is my one true friend

This is a story of poor to rich. Like many I got rich working on my back. I started as a college student making extra money, a girl introduced me to it and to the woman who set up the dates. I was a natural and I got nice tips and one man offered to marry me. By the time I finished college I had a fat bank account.

I moved to New York, at the woman's suggestion. She set me up with a friend of hers who ran a stable of young women. The men were all from Wall Street and with lots of money. The tips were good and the work was so so. After four years, from my share alone, I had over a million in the bank. One customer gave me a hundred thousand tip. Easy money, comes and goes. But I am careful with my money.

I quit the business and moved to Idaho, where my college friend moved and said it was nice and rich old men were looking for a nice young wife. Why import one from Rumania, or the Ukraine, when they could get a home grown girl. I married a man with a huge fortune in natural resources. He's global and flies around in his own jet and comes home to his ranch in Idaho and he has me waiting for him. My million is invested, I don't spend my own money. And my friend? Well she is doing OK with a man she met, and since we are alone while the men make money, we found out just how much fun it is to spend time together. Turns out that its true, working girls in the end fall in love with another girl.

When the cat is away their little pussycats play.

Oct 4

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