I love him.. now.

I love him. And I'll love him to death. But it was only a couple days ago we're Ive truly admire every inch of him.
We're not even together but we act like a couple. But I like to think hes finally mine. I already hurt him though. And i regret every bit. Even if it doesnt add up he was still hurt of what ive done in the past. But I stopped talking to them when I met him because I could feel he was the one.
We both love eachother dearly, maybe too much. Obsessing over every word and every breathe that comes out of his mouth. Even if it hurts. His hair is so soft and cute the way it hangs over his face, barely seeing his beautiful eyes. His tall figure that leans a bit but is so strong, his veiny arms that could choke me in a second. His long perfect fingers to wipe my tears.
His small but narrow lips that perfectly fits his face.
Hes so perfect its hard to understand how I got him finally. His skin is so soft and innocent. And its absolutely adorable how he cuddles his pillow thinking of me. The way he misses me even when I'm gone to grab food.

I love him so ** much. Is this real love?

Oct 13

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  • You sound a bit unhinged

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