My daughter from the other mother will come to live with me

When I was stationed in South East Asia I had a young assistant and I got her pregnant. She wasn't what I would have called a marriage material, but she was a good assistant. In any event she went ahead with the baby and I agreed to give her support and all. In the big world, the money per month was next to nothing, compared to the west.

Now the child is 21, she is a very good looking girl, she went to private academies and she is about to graduate from university (in Singapore). I recognized her officially (a huge undertaking over there) so she can have a passport to come here. She has always known I'm her father and when I could I saw her, but she is so far away that it is a few times really.

Now she will come and live with me and my wife and my family over here. I am hoping to get her enrolled in a masters program somewhere. My wife, being who is, is scared shitless. My daughter is 100% a knockout and she is scared she will come over here and get pregnant. (my wife knows her because she went with me to Singapore to meet her back in 2017).

So I have a chance to make a relationship with her and my wife is worried about her being overtaken by some worthless cowboy over here. She will be with us, and I'm sure my wife will be over protective for a while. But it's the chance of getting to know her and we have to go for it.

As to her mother, I did my best to make sure that she was always economically taken care of, housing, medical, food and transportation and that my daughter had a chance to go to a good upscale academy.

Oct 14

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  • It’s great that your wife is concerned for her.

    I’m sure she will be fine

  • I've seen a lot of good ** that starts that of your daughter?

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