I am at a crossroads. I know my wife has a lover. Her infidelity has been going on for years. I put up with it because she gives me a decent lifestyle and takes care of everything at home. I think her lover is her boss. Do I know for sure - no. They are great liars. They probably coordinate their lies so neither effected spouse can compare notes. But, I had enough. I need to confront her for my sanity and manhood. Pick one and stop this narcissistic behavior. I know I am weak. I hope she picks me.

Oct 15
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  • Maybe go talk with her lover's partner, you might get lucky

  • Married three times, and having had a few roommate relationships, I have come to think that ALL women have it in them to cheat if they think they will not get caught, but then so do most men.
    I had around half a dozen relationships in college, and every one of them I caught, which ended things that fast.
    I dumped the first wife when I caught her, the 2nd one I found out later after an accident she did not survive, the 3rd one I just gave up on and joined in.
    Now over 40 years later, still married, I would wager her lovers number in the thousands, and since we swing with couples, I am close to that.
    My wife, even at her age, is good at seduction, I have never seen her fail. She is also very good in the sack, energetic, willing and as nasty as a woman can be.
    Lots of sexercise, so her body is nice and snug.

  • Your manhood is not being threatened, it is just old fashioned thinking. Most all wives need to have extra ** on the side, and it is something we should be honest about. Wives are hot, and need more ** than a husband can give them. Let her explore her sexuality, it will make your ** life much better at home!

  • That wasn't the case with my wife. She was ** around on me for several years. She used "health issues" as an excuse for refusing ** with me. She told me a couple years after our divorce, that she had so much guilt about her affairs that couldn't have ** with me or even being close without breaking down in tears. I told her that if she would have been honest with me, we probably could have worked something out.
    You can have whatever relationship you want or not have a relationship at all. If she wants to go wh*ring around, she's going to do it with or without you.

  • This is awful advice from someone who obviously hates themself.

  • Hire a detective who specializes in divorce and you’ll have evidence and probably won’t have to pay alimony. Worth every penny.

  • Do you have any substantial evidence?

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