Can't have my cake

Hi, my husband decided that he could have his cake and eat it. After 8 years of marriage he left, he was my first love. I did mourn and tried to replace him,at first i was with someone who looked like him but I decided to give him the boot. After a while I looked at my admirers and decided to settle for the first one but he had too many short comings so I went for another. My dear life changed everything was now being taken care of, I had fun and lots of great time with him.
When my husband came back early this year, i ended my relationship with my lover. i still think of him so much especially on Fridays as this is when we used to go out. My lover was and is still married the wife called me and threatened to tell my husband of the relationship. I called it quits but I still miss her husband.
My lover treated me right maybe some day will be together. yesterday I was going through my husband's mail and I find out that he too has got a sweet apart from me. i do not want to cheat on him again but if he pushes me I'll do again. having someone new is amazing. I can't call or see my lover but I know I can still make things happen for my own good.

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  • sucks when you cannot have the one you truly have feelings for. i too am wishing sometime in the future my love will end his relationship with his gf so we can be together. good luck

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