He found out or knows something about my spying on him

My friend with benefits found out I’ve been using his phone and impersonating him on several confession sites. At least o believe this on how he’s acting now. I’ll take something I knew about his past and throw a little wrinkle in, or put it all out there. This wasn’t out of malice but something that turned me on.

He has a lot of stories particularly involving ** and stuff he did to other people. He feels guilty about a lot of them I can tell. He’s a bachelor so it makes sense. Always are women hovering around somewhere. I knew some he told me, then heard an audio taped confession of others.

I believe he knows I spied because he now shuts his phone off after we’ve had **. He never did that before as he’d check the time or something then leave it to take a shower. I think he definitely knows but isn’t saying if he does. I wonder if he even cares. I also hate myself for spying when we just have ** every other day.

I believe he knows and is going to make me pay but I’m not sure if I’m being paranoid. I use a burner when not using his. I usually use his though as I get a rise out of it. It’s so stupid yet I couldn’t help myself. I know he knows.

When you’re with someone, you notice things. I also guesses his passcode so I can still use it if I want to. I just don’t know anymore and feel like a child when I’m a grown woman.

Oct 17

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