Second grade teacher kept marking my paper with a horrible grade.

When I was a kid in the second grade, we had a teacher who taught us how to write in cursive. I'll call the teacher Mrs. K. She would be a good teacher if she only stopped giving my paper a bad grade. Every Thursday, a woman would come in and she and Mrs. K were clearly friends. I never knew the woman's name so I'll call her Miss T. As said, Miss. T would come in every Thursday and show us how to print letters of the alphabet as well as show us the difference between capital letters and small letters. Miss. T would write some letters on the chalkboard and when she left, Mrs. K would have us write down the letters on a piece of paper. Every time I wrote the letters down, I did my best to make them clear and readable by taking my time. However, the next day,when I was at my desk and got my paper back, Mrs. K had stamped my paper with a sad duck with tears in its eyes and the word "UGLY" underneath the duck. This actually hurt me very much and when I managed to get a look at the papers of other students, their paper was stamped with words of praise. As far as I know, I was the only student who had the ugly duckling stamp no matter how hard I tried. Every time I saw it, not only did it make me sad but, looking back on it now, I wish that I had started crying loudly so that I could not only embarrass Mrs. K but, so that she would feel guilty for giving me such a horrible grade.

Oct 28
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  • Did you go to school in Redmond, WA. By chance?

  • No. First Street School in Pennsylvania.

  • You probably reminded her of an ex.

  • What does that have to do with me getting a bad mark on my paper?

  • Women do stuff like that - in their own mind they are getting revenge. Amazing what horrible ** they will justify.

  • Revenge for what?

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