My parents won't let me write letters to people...

I have a bunch of online friends and we all do different websites together... we all have blog sites and other sites. We're all into photography, making videos, college, God and loving the human race and being artsy. They write letters to each other and their other friends, not just within my group, but my parents will not let me write letters to these people I've never met. I really want to write letters to people instead of just typing things on the computer. It makes me so mad that they think EVERYone you meet online is a seedy old man.
How many teens go on facebook and myspace all the time, mom? how many play online games? post videos on youtube? watch p***, illegally? go on chat sites? I'm sure a big chunk of this IS adults, but are all adults who go online creepers? All your friends from church and the moms who are married with children and our own family?
And I don't even want to communicate with adults, but I don't see the harm in writing letters to a few kids that you're SURE are kids with normal lives who don't spend their whole lives on the internet.
That's all...

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  • Hey if your into things like being artsy, college, god, and loving the human race you should go to 4chan, its a website filled with people just like you.

  • Not sure how old you are. High School? Maybe your mom doesn't want you to place your address on these letters.. She doesn't want these people you wish to correspond with to know your physical address. Which is a valid concern..
    Perhaps you can speak with her about getting a Post Office box. You never know with the online thing, it could be creepy old men writing to you. People aren't always who they say they are. Ask her about the post office box - see if she's open to that. Otherwise, continue to write to your friends online and wait until you're 18 and can move out. But word to the wise..always be smart and safe. Never be too trusting to anyone.

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