Fell in love with a married man

Me and my ex recently reconnected. I had been avoiding him for fifteen years because I was afraid that he still loved me and I didn't want to ** up his life. But for some reason I thought we were out of the woods now and I sent him a mail asking how he was. I wasn't prepared that I'd fall back in love so incredibly quickly. So here I am, ** up his life just like I was afraid I'd do and managed to avoid for fifteen years. I love him just as fiercely as I did before, and it seems like it's the same for him. I left him because he wanted kids and I didn't. I didn't want to rob him of that experience just because he accidentally had met the wrong woman. Now he's married with two kids, and that makes me so freaking happy to know. But its difficult to love him so much, and to hear how much he loves me. I've always felt like our souls are connected, on a way deeper level than any other love that I've experienced. Maybe our time will come in another fifteen years, when his youngest is grown up. But honestly, I don't believe this is the lifetime for us.

Nov 20

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