Something that ** me off.

I have a fetish for girls in denim. Younger, older-- as long as they aren't either a literal granny or have the body of a melted blob, if they're wearing it, I'm wanting it. Now, to clarify granny doesn't just mean "old", I've seen SEVERAL typically "granny" aged women who are still hot as **, I'm not bein' a **-- but the majority just aren't.

Also, I'm not trying to TELL anybody how to dress, I'm not claiming my point is the RIGHT one-- but it's a point just the same.

My grievance; girls who wear SUPER skin tight jeans, and they happen to have a certain shade/wash that is just drivin' me INSANE-- but then their shirt goes clear down past their **' knees!

Jeans are-- even WITHOUT my own weirdness-- pretty much UNIVERSALLY regarded as "**/fun/cool"-- IT'S LITERALLY THEIR ENTIRE MARKETING... THING!! You know what I mean. Anyway, you have THAT actual logic, and then you add to it my own PERSONAL issues-- I have literally beat it to just a picture of an empty child's skirt laying on the floor for an EBAY sale photo, I have it THAT bad.

And YOU wear the one SINGULAR (physical) object of my sexual desires (I also have a thing for verbal bullying and being laughed at, but that's a whole other story).

And not only are you WEARING it, you're wearing it PERFECTLY, as if you wore it JUST for me!

Perfect fit, perfect cut perfect wash and shade, ohh man, I bet her hips are-- TEE SHIRT HALFWAY DOWN HER THIGHS!!

"Hey, check THIS out! Looks like yummy fun time, right...? You LIKE this, RIIIIIGGGHT....? Aren't I the sexiest thing you've seen in a week...? Well I don't feel that way at all, so please stop staring at me, sir-- you're scaring me!"

And it's like-- YOU!! **!! WORE IT!! I didn't dress you at home and tell you to meet me here! I didn't ask nor order nor THREATEN you to wear that! Odds are, WE'VE NEVER EVEN ** MET!!

Even if I WASN'T a complete ** heavy breathing lunatic-- you not only wore that KNOWING it's inherent factors, and then from what I CAN see you then went OUT OF your way to have yourself pretty much VACUUM PACKED INTO THE ** THINGS-- and I'm then just supposed to BELIEVE that you wore that out into the world-- JUST HOPING AGAINST HOPE THAT NOBODY NOTICED HOW ** YOU WERE CLEARLY ATTEMPTING TO LOOK?!?!

Now in the case of underage girls I can PARTIALLY understand-- gawkin' at kids is all kinds of ** up-- but sometimes they're wearing the equivalent of raw meat in front of a wolf! Not to say that they know that or that they're any way at fault for just wearing what everybody else (somehow) just sees as ordinary clothing-- but the fact is I see that and my eyes are hooked and my mind starts doin' ** whether I want it to or not-- "What's the hidden part look like...? Bet she'd laugh her ** off at you if she knew what was goin' on over here! Wonder what THAT would sound like..."

Now mind you, that **'s creepy enough in reference to a. GROWN WOMAN!! I DO NOT WANT TO BE INVOLVING KIDS IN THIS **!!

So what's my point with all that sicko **?

I UNDERSTAND why an underage girl would be hiding her body-- NOT what I'm mad at.

But she can WEAR jeans that aren't literally about to EXPLODE OFF HER BODY-- THEY DO ** MAKE THOSE, AND NOT EVEN JUST FOR KIDS!

Yeah, obviously I'm still going to have the occasional rare moment-- but less than HALF as often or intense-- in fact, ALMOST never!

They MAKE normal jeans, and you know something else? They ALSO make tops that AREN'T half a hair thick and that DON'T cling to all the patterns and contours YOU SUPPOSEDLY WORE THE **' THING TO HIDE!!!

Y'all ever see when their shirts are literally SO THIN and SO TIGHT that they literally show THE FULL FRONT OF HER JEANS THROUGH THE SHIRT!?!?


Anyway, rant over. I know that went to some EXTREMELY dark, twisted places and was long as **-- please excuse me and I'm sorry you had to see it-- but ** IT it had to get the ** out of me!

Thanks for reading, I guess.

Nov 27

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