The secrets I can't tell anyone

I am in love with a beautiful man but I feel my insecurities and jealousy will eventually ruin what could be a wonderful, lifelong relationship.

He is popular, social and outgoing, and I am shy, insecure and have few friends. I feel inferior around him, like I have to prove that I have friends when really I dont.

I wish i could make friends, but everyone who doesn't intimidate me or anyone who I am not jealous of for some reason I find boring or annoying.

I envy anyone who has parents who love them. I don't and I always feel inferior around people who do (which is most of the population.)

I spend more time on the internet lurking peoples facebooks and following other people lives than i do living my own. I am scared to try and make friends because rejection is so painful.

I am scared that the older I get, the less i am going to be able to use my looks to get what i want and llure guys in to fall in love with me. I feel that without my looks no one will ever love me.

I am scared i am going to die alone and lonely.

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  • Wow, for a second I thought I might be the guy you are talking about. But then I realized the female in question couldn't write something like you did above without a spell checker and even then it would be tenuous. She spells sauce 'souce' and special 'speshal'.

    Jesus. Falling in love with an illiterate is terrifying.

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