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I would wrestle & embarrass my friend, but not in front of people. I was year older and 2-3 inches taller so I won most of time when we did wrestle. I loved to pin him down and sit on his chest. His mother saw some of these but would not stop us as long as no one would get hurt. A few times we even wrestled naked. I loved pinning him and would then straddle him so could see me naked over him. I just turned 14 and he was still 12 when we were swimming at his house. We started to wrestle when we went in the change in his bedroom. I had dropped my trunks and turned around and grabbed him. After falling to the ground and rolling around my friend had me in a headlock and had me on my back. I tried to get free, rolling and kicking but he kept me down. I noticed his mother was in the room, I just froze. She started talking, letting us know she was leaving but would be back. I saw her look at me and no doubt knew I was **. I just could not move, I had an incredible itch down there. I looked at her and she looked back, the look was like - "your down loser". I swear my unit moved up and down to acknowledge defeat and she noticed. It was not a smile but a small smirk from her. As she said by and started out my friend quickly pinned me down and sat on my chest. My friend who still had his trunks on Lost no time in celebrating his win. He sat on me and then got up, I still could not move, he rolled me over to my stomach and put his foot on my **. He rolled me over again and stood over me with his arms up and I got hard. I stated to get up and he made get ony hands and knees and sat on me again. My head was spinning and I was lost. I had to walk around his house **. I could not at the time understand my body's feelings at the time but did not try to stop the humiliation. I did get dressed and went home not sure what happened. I never did beat him wrestling again afterwards after that day. Two things after that-his mom did see us wrestle naked- he won and most of the times we wrestled he would strip me **.

Dec 30

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  • I met a widow woman at church. A few months later we started dating. One evening we were watching tv and the next moment we are on the floor all tangled together and wrestling extremely rough and tuff with each other. We were doing all different wrestling 🤼‍♀️ holds and positions on each other. Now we wrestle all the time. As anyone else done this.

  • This girl asked me over to her house to go swimming in her pool. We had fun swimming and playing in the pool. After getting out she challenged me to a wrestling 🤼‍♀️ match. She was in her bikini 👙 and I had my swim pants on. We were wrestling 🤼‍♀️ with each other very close contact with grabbing and groping as we grapple and wrestle with each other. Her mom broke up our wrestling. She felt it was inappropriate but we still wrestle 🤼‍♀️ with each other whenever she is not around. We do not have ** just like to wrestle.

  • When I was growing up, i'm a girl btw, I was not allowed to wrestle or engage in any physical contact play. I could do dance and music but I was not allowed to be competitive and certainly not allowed to wrestle with a boy.

  • I knew a girl just like you growing up. She look fine in her jeans and tank top. She was not allowed to take part in certain physical activities and specifically wrestling. We both wanted to wrestle with each other. We decided to wrestle with out any one knowing about it. We wrestle for years with out anyone knowing.

  • Another girl here. I was required to wear a dress or skirts and blouse. Could not do physical contact play with the boys. My activities with girls had to be appropriate also. Physical activity was tag, riding our bikes etc etc. no wrestling or rough housing with girls either. I did wrestling with a few girls but it was a secret from my parents. In high school I convinced my parents for me to wear jeans so I could fit in. Physical contact with boys was still out. My first boyfriend challenged me to wrestle him. We were at my house and nobody was home so we did a lot of wrestling. This was my secret from my parents.

  • Did you ever get a chance to wrestle with a boy or even a girl.

  • Fun! My son and his friends always wrestle and I see them tenting their shorts. At least they're not out getting girls preggo..

  • It was fun later, I started to enjoy getting pinned ** in front of his mom.
    I would lay there naked and defeated and know she was looking. The best was when he would pin me, strip me and pin me again in humiliating positions. The last time we wrestled was when we were in our fifties. Same result- pinned, stripped, pinned again- humiliated, and he took me as his prize. I was his little b--ch and enjoyed it.

  • Wait until they are older and want to wrestle with you. Will you wrestle them and see the tents going up?.

  • I would not wrestle with them. I would not want to embarrass them by getting hard and ** while wrestling me and also I would pin them which would make them look bad losing to their friends mom.

  • Hello another mom here. I would wrestle them and pinned them. If they got aroused and hard while wrestling and losing to me , so be. I would not have ** with them, but I like to wrestle so I would. Than my son can tell everyone that I wrestled them and I won.

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