Former anti smoker with a smoking fetish???

For most of my life, from young age to my early adult years, I was anti smoking, vaping, everything, a bit of a prude? That all changed one summer. I was taking a nap and dreamed that I was walking into my house (Not my real one, but familiar in the dream), and was looking for my wife who would usually greet me at the door. I found her on the back porch, turned mostly away from me. She was smoking a cigarette, all white and long. She'd never smoked before and I thought it was actually kinda hot, that I could get used to it.
I was working at a well known big box store for the summer and I was assigned with a new employee, let's call her Bethany. She was the type that's pretty, but nothing special, yet was somehow so **. Unfortunately, she was taken, so that wasn't great, but that's how it was. Anyway, I was driving back from somewhere, late at night, and I saw her in traffic, enjoying her cigarette, just for a moment. It could have been there that I woke up to the fact that I loved watching women smoke cigarettes.

Feb 8

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