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I got engaged a few months ago with my fiancé. She told me about her previous boyfriend, and I was ok with that. I recently found out she had two other boyfriends in the past. She was in serious relationship with one of them for about 4 years and they were even talking about getting married. However, this was all we met but I found out she broke with him just after I met her.

We are getting married in a couple of months and I am still going to get married with her. We are in long distance at the moment, and I will meet her in a month.

Should I bring this up with her when I see her in person?

Or how can I approach her in a practical and appropriate way?

Jan 10

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  • I met my husband five years after college.
    He thinks I've only had three 'boyfriends' but the truth is my body count is 37, (6 girls & 31 guys).
    We're still happily married after 11 years and we have two children.
    I guess I'm saying, don't get caught up with her past. If it's love, it's love.
    Also, if her being with 3 guys instead of 1 is bothering you now, what if she confessed her body count was actually much more?

  • If I understand, your girlfriend had three boyfriends before you and you thought that she only had one. So, you were ok with her having been ** by one but not three. Is that because now you know that more men have ** her than the number of women that you **? It doesn't matter how many she ** before you, only that she wants to be with you now.

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