I got revenge plus more

Found out my wife cheated shortly before we got married. We had been together 3 years prior to marriage and everything was perfect I thought. The house, the cars, constant **. I thought life was good lol silly me.

My sister in law moved in about when COVID hit. So we all spent a lot of time together. One night drunk were sharing secrets and she blurted out that a few years ago for my wife's birthday they went to the club. She ended up dancing on some guy and she brought him back to her sister's place. They definitely had **. I was unaware of this. My wife went CRAZY and I just left the house. I looked at her got up and just left. Not a word.

Spent three days on a well deserved fishing trip with my brother. Planned on staying a week but things got even crazier. Wife traveling over 100 miles to my parents house just screaming my name from the front yard.. all types of stuff.

My wife called 381 times, left 72 voicemails, 200+ plus unanswered texts.

It got so bad her sister showed up unannounced at my brother's house to track me down. She pleaded with me on letting her fix this marriage. So I told her "You let me ** you in front of your sister and you can drive me home right now" she got mad but reluctantly agreed.

When we got back home I told my wife she'd watched as this happened or she could move out that day and I'd file for divorce. Our prenup states if I cheat we divorce and I give her a lump sum of money upon divorce. She cheats she gets nothing upon divorce..

I watched my wife cry the whole time I ** her sister. I made sure to nut in her too. It's been a few years and her sister sleeps in my bed now. My wife is still down stairs. I told her to come join us when she feels comfortable with it. I got my revenge plus more.

Jan 13

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  • Revenge is a dish best served cold? No. Revenge is a freaking smorgasboard served icy.

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