Fully coming out to my wife

My wife knew since we were dating that I liked dressing up. She really didn't care for it but left me do my thing. Now, I don't know about you but for me, the more I dress up, the more of a woman I wish to become, I started out by growing out my hair, keeping my body constantly hair free & allowing my fingernails to grow.
When my nails were long enough to shape, I was constantly filing them & keeping them covered with hard as nails, this caught my wife's attention & she told me that she noticed my long hair & my shaped nails, then she asked me if I wanted to be a woman. I lied to her & said no & told her not to worry. I was now dressing up every night & I began wearing **, bra & pantyhose 24/7, I even started wearing nightgowns to bed at night.
One night while I was being Joanne, I pushed the envelope & went out & had my ears pierced & my eyebrows waxed into two thin, arched lines, I couldn't help myself, my hair had gotten long enough for me to set & style & every time I did my makeup, I would see the woman who could look so much more feminine if I had my brows waxed & ears pierced, so I did. When my wife saw me when I got home, she went nuts, she made me sleep on the spare bedroom & told me I had something wrong with me.
the next night, when she got home from work, she found me sitting on the sofa fully dressed, legs crossed & polishing my fingernails a bright red. She dropped her keys & her handbag & said, that's it, from now on you stay in the spare room & we will just live together as room mates. I told her that she knew about my dressing before we married & she cut me right off & said, its not about the dressing, it is about having several of my friends come up to me & tell me they saw you, more then once, making out with a man. Once was at the mall, another time outside a bar & once you were seen holding hands with the man as you guys walked into a hotel office. I couldn't say anything in my defense, so I told her that I have wanted to be a woman my entire life & that I really liked going out with men so we will just be room mates.

Jan 18

Next Confession

If there is one good thing about being a Jehovah Witness I'd like

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