What would you do?

I am only 24 years old and have been married nearly 3 years. My wife, Kristi, is now 23. A year after we were married she was ** by 2 men after a night class at the local college. The guys were caught and went to jail.
At first Kristi withdrew from everything. She quit school, quit her part time job and refused to leave the house. She avoided relatives and shut down our marriage. This depression lasted almost a year.
Then one day something drastically changed. I came home from work and Kristi was on the couch naked, masturbating and watching **. She immediately demanded I strip and join her. The ** was incredible! From that point on Kristi seemed to be in some kind of "hyper sexual" state. She wanted ** daily, often multiple times. There were other changes also. She went back to work and started dressing **. When we were out she would be very flirty with guys. Around the house she refused to wear clothes and bought tons of ** toys, restraints and other ** things we used often. I wasn't complaining given I was having ** non stop ** daily.
Then one day out of the blue a buddy called and informed me Kristi was having an affair. She worked as an assistant manager in a clothing store at the mall. When I checked into it and confronted her I was stunned. She really wasn't having an affair. She was ** "several" guys at the mall. She didn't seem too upset I had found out and plainly told me can't get enough and needed more ** than I could give.
We stayed together and tried to work it out. But the hits kept coming. Kristi didn't stop ** other guys and I even found out a few of my friends were in on the gravy train.
Recently she has came up with the idea to start an "OnlyFans" page. She wants to buy some good video equipment and start making ** videos to post. Actually she called it "content". And she made it clear she would need to make a variety of "content" in order to draw in viewers. Kristi was actually telling me face to face she wanted to ** guys, video the ** acts and post it online.
What should I do? I don't want to divorce her but the embarrassment is killing me. My entire family knows about her ** around.
The **

Jan 25

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Gay **

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  • Leave her

  • Hey!
    Post a link to her OnlyFans on here so we can judge if she's going to make a career doing that.

  • She's on crystal meth. Join her

  • What happened first the naked ** session or her going back to work and dressing more **?

  • Sad, but time to go bud!

  • You need to get her into therapy to try to figure what triggered this. But more importantly, you need to take back control. Stand your ground and make sure she doesn't have ** with anyone but you and if she starts up an Onlyfans, immediately block her account. She may try to make more Onlyfan's but block every attempt she makes.

  • This is control for her and she is projecting that she is in control. You can support it or confront it. Keep in mind that this will grow into 3 somes, more somes, etc. The more she gets, the more she will want. I suspect she is a dominant personality too.

    The key question is: do you want to support it or confront it and take control?

  • This could be her way of coping as ** is very traumatic

  • Renky renky binky binky stimpy bimpy too seehoo!

  • Retire, let Kristi make vids and support you.

  • Be her manager and take 30%

  • If she has a successful OnlyFans account, support her because she's about to support you.
    I'd only get concerned when she stops having ** with you.

  • Eww why still even have ** with her she’s sleeping with everyone 🤢

  • You sucky ** mister ** woo

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