F*** YOU. I hope you get every bad thing that you deserve. I walk in and you just insult me, scream at me. for rude dumb reasons and make me cry? I was nothing but a good friend to you and I cared a lot. And to you to just do that. I'm shocked and very hurt. And to tell me to get out when I was there to visit other people..? who do you think you are... honestly.. You hurt me a lot. And I would love to know why you did this. But I never will. You won't talk to me. Ever. Is it jealousy? I hope not. I just wanted us to be on the same level. But whatever. You're really just a mean cruel b****. Who's sadly probably gonna rot in h***. And to everyone who reads this, I was a good enough person to not fight back with words. I stood there and took it. :/ even though I would of loved to tell her how wrong she was.

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  • man I'm sorry to hear that :/ I guess you guys are right. I am gonna move on. It just sucks that someone so close could just suddenly push me away.

  • same here and i gave her the same music when she had an affair with me and married man at the same time, i am happy she is gone from my life, and now rotten in h***.....s****.

  • i know exaclty how you feel. my so called friend did the same to me. i dont talk to her anymore. you learn to move on and find new people.

  • wow what a b****. :/ guess that's her true colors.

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