Conspiracy theorist

I'm Australian.

I was never antivac. I'm pro choice for what medical procedures an individual chooses is and is not right for them. Everyone has the right to get a second opinion from medical experts.

The last few years anyone voicing concern over mandates and experimental treatments has been branded a conspiracy theorist, racist?, extreme right wing neo nazis ect.

With so little effort put into teaching people about proper hygiene, and explaining the actual science behind vaccination, and total attemt to silence and humiliate anyone who would dare to raise any sort of concern.

The media and political parties were clearly paid off as there was total and utter support for companies with a history of deceit.

Police thuggery was everywhere and even the unions were against their own members.

After all this how can police and government not expect groups the rise up.

I don't agree with, and condem violence. Especially when it is against authorities.

But three individuals in qld set up an ambush and killed multiple police officers and a neighbour. Innocent lives live lost to those who were turned bad by circumstances. The police immediately branded them as antivac. Thus branding all anti vaccination.

I hate what they did.

But I understand why it happened. I'm still angry too.

It will unfortunately happen again.

And I hold the Government and media solely responsible.

Feb 1

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  • Yep. You’re not alone.

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