So I am struggling. I have been with my wife now for 6 years we have been married 2. At the beginning of our relationship we were very clear about boundaries and what we wanted in life. She seemed perfect from the start and I am slowly feeling that things are changing. What was once okay is now an annoyance, she has become unbelievably clingy, beyond emotional about everything, and gets annoyed way to easy. Lets rewind a little bit, my wife really wanted kids something I was unsure of but decided why not. I have a strange (at best) relationship with what I would consider family so having a child of my own was never really on my radar. We tried for awhile and had no luck getting pregnant. The day prior to us going to see a specialist she found out she was pregnant. We now have a beautiful baby boy that is now 10 months old. We both gained a lot of weight during the pregnancy and are not happy with our bodies but when I try to help her with it (which she has asked for my help with) she becomes annoyed and ignores what I am saying. I work 10+ hour days 4 days a week and another 6 hour day. When I come home the first thing I am met with is that it is now my responsibility to care for our son. Regardless of how my day has gone I have to take the child. Not only that but I have to clean up around the house because she has become very messy suddenly. I feel that I come home and immediately go back to work and while I understand that caring for my child is part of being a parent and I love spending time with my son, I feel it should be a team effort rather than a one sided effort. I understand some days are going to be rough on her and I would come home and take care of him and let her leave the house or whatever she wanted to do and the same would go for me I would hope that is what a healthy marriage with a child looks like; perhaps I am wrong. Rewinding a little more because I want to try to give the whole picture as I am not a perfect human. Before we got married, I had a friendship with a woman who I grew very close with, and yes it was a friendship nothing more, I am sure that their is some doubt there. Anyway, my fiance at the time became jealous of it and almost called off the wedding stating that I emotionally cheated on her. First time I have ever heard of that, but I took responsibility for my actions cut off the friendship and started to regain that trust with my wife. That was two years ago, and I have done nothing but show her love, affection, and openness. She still will make comments about how I am probably going to cheat on her, again I talked to friend nothing sexual. I can't go out with friends from work for drinks, I just started a new job and am trying to get comfortable with my co workers. They had a Christmas party and I stayed for 1.5 hours and left because she wanted me home. I cannot handle the clingy behavior any longer. I understand made a mistake and damaged the trust but I have done nothing but prove it wont happen again and I just get attacked constantly over it. I try to do upgrades around the house such as make a new fire pit, or put a patio on the front of the house, upgrade the flower beds but its all a waste of money and she doesn't want to do it. She can't even throw away trash anymore..... I am lost, I never wanted this in life, to be a part of the divorce statistic, but if something doesn't change soon it's bound to happen. Please someone give me advice... am I being taken advantage of or am I overreacting?

Feb 2

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  • Marriage therapy.
    Best investment you'll ever make.

  • I hate to agree with you, but it seems that you are not made for each other

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