**, cigarettes, drugs and alcohol: One happy family

I have 9 kids. I let them all smoke as much as they want and drink in moderation. I don't care. I let them ** other kids, as long as those kids don't mind it.
I had ** first at 10, first drank at 12 and had my first ciggie at only 5. I remember the hit, it felt so nice in my little lungs. I've smoked 4 ppd ever since, and always with my kids and blowing it in their faces and letting them smoke with me.

I want to hear from parents who have similar views. Any thoughts?

Feb 8

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    Sorry for the long wait here, I'll try to update about once a month from now on
    We might be moving soon but we are looking into it (might say county but that will be it)
    Noah's and Charlie's girlfriends babies on the way
    Tom has started to have ** without condoms or minipills
    Jasper has got a gf (moving into Y10)
    George has broken up with his gf and hasn't found one yet (he's moving to Y9)
    Jake still has his girlfriend (he's moving into Y9 she's moving into Y8) and they have had uncontracepted **
    Lola broke up with her old bf (who was 13) and has now got with an older man, she says she loves playing ** with him and they have ** 3-4 times a week. He is a ** aged 28 and they both smoke.
    Lola is now getting home schooled from September (although I won't actually school her lol πŸ˜‚) she's going to up her smoking to 7ppd all day every day chain smoking from the moment she wakes up to the moment she sleeps and will wake up for 5 cigs at about 2/3am
    They both sleep in the same bed ❀️
    The most she has ever smoked (and anyone in our house has) is 11 packs and that was when she first got with her current boyfriend
    Clark and Ollie smoke a little more than before (Clark at about 1.25ppd, Ollie at about 0.75ppd)

  • You are ** horrible. Everything about you. Can't imagine what your clothes, breath and house smell like. You are the kind of people making the human race look like dog **, stop it. You're also dangering your kids lungs, their health should be top priority over enjoyment.
    And, why the ** ** are you ok with Lola your NINE year old losing her virginity? You joking. Honestly hope she gets stillborns then maybe you'll see the damage you are doing.
    Won't be surprised if one of your kids dies as I am writing this, they've probably smoked so ** much.

  • Life update :)

    It's happening: we've got ** arranged for Friday - lola is gonna ** her bf after school they will come here but that is if she isn't still in trouble because she was caught masturbating at the back of maths today 😬 idc I just gave her more cigarettes but her teachers did and I was in the office - I basically had to pretend I gave a ** and then when we got to the car we both lit up and drove home like nothing had happened (that's what we do every night with the younger two in the back smoking as well)
    So she gets detention all the time and pulled out of class all the time because she's a badass little ** but hopefully the masturbating won't cause a huge problem - I just told her to leave the masturbating for the house and car

  • Hey everyone
    We're all smoking plenty and have been throughout the whole half term break
    I keep getting begged by lola to let her have ** so I might just let her get pregnant to calm her down
    I'll just have to pull her out of school so it doesn't look weird, I don't want the news involved or anything or I'll be **

  • Has she had ** again lola

  • She's had ** multiple times now.
    She had ** again last night
    She loves it

  • That is great oral ** is great my wife loves it i ** in her mouth

  • And does she smoke when she has **

  • Of course!

  • She's going to go bring her bf round on Friday and they will have ** (and hopefully get pregnant)

  • I hope she enjoyed ** if she did it

  • Had she had ** again

  • She's had ** three times now. Once on Friday, then again on Tuesday night and also having ** right now πŸ˜ƒso ** when she smokes and moans 🚬

  • Will she try coke my 3 children tried coke love it

  • They did coke last night too
    Loved it

  • Good

  • That is great news

  • My wife moans smoking a cigrete when we have **

  • ** :)

  • Yeah she did it on Friday night. She said it was the best experience of her life, she smoked like 6 packs on Thursday night as she was so excited

  • ** again

  • How the ** going

  • Good

  • She will enjoy ** good on her

  • How is your daughter ** life going

  • Great thanks
    She up to 4-5 times a week
    She's also smoking more now at 4 ppd on school days and 6.5ppd on weekends
    Smokes more than me πŸ˜‚πŸš¬

  • I like that

  • Great news

  • I want to have ** with your daughter so bad lol

    Hey everyone, hope everyone is smoking well enough and of course having a good day, it's quite sunny outside today 18*C so pretty decent :)

    The smoking fam here is doing good everyone is smoking well enough and drinking plenty too

    I got a secret stash of crack from a mate so we are sharing that out too

    Here's what's going on if you're interested:
    - everyone is smoking plenty
    - everyone is drinking plenty
    - we've got a stash of illegal class a drugs but it's about the fun not the law

    My older twin boys are 18 Noah and Charlie they both smoke 4 packs a day and get drunk practically every night too they both have girlfriends both are pregnant Noah's is 6 months and Charlie's is 3 months pregnant so we've got even more babies on the way

    Then we've got 17yo Tom he's smoking 3.5-4ppd which is good he's also having ** (contracepted **, he's not ready for babies yet)

    14yo Jasper is smoking 3ppd he's also picked his options for gcses see kids that smoke don't have to be thick πŸ€“

    13yo George is smoking 3ppd as well he's in the year below so got a while yet but he's got himself a girlfriend in same year who wants to get pregnant at 15
    His twin brother Jake smoking a little more 3.5ppd also has a girlfriend who's in the year below (so year 7)

    9yo Lola my only daughter and probably favourite child already smoking 2.5ppd on weekdays and 4ppd on weekends and holidays (the older ones smoked a lot less at her age) and she's got a 13yo bf in George and Jake's year and they really want to have ** but I won't let them yet - should I?

    The "little ones" are smoking too:
    Clark (4), smoking three quarters of a pack a day
    Ollie (2), smoking 2 to 3 cigarettes a day and having puffs

    Me and my wife smoke 4ppd even tho she's pregnant rn we don't care

  • Clark and ollie are they up to a ppd

  • Sorry I haven't been on in a while
    Clark is on around 20-25 cigs a day. Ollie is up to about 10-15 a day

  • Any of your children tried coke

  • Yeah, the oldest seven have

  • How old are they

  • What do u mean the oldest seven have have u and your wife tried coke

  • What ages tried coke have u and your wife tried it i have and my wife and my adult children so good

  • Do the twins girlfriends smoke

  • As far as I am aware they also smoke

  • That is great any children smoke or any friends children smoke

  • Good for u

  • πŸ˜ƒ
    Do you have kids that smoke?

  • Yes 3 girls 12 14 16 2ppd the 3 have done coke and me and my wife have u and your wife done coke

  • I thought u have 8 children that smoke

  • That is great
    Yes a few times

  • My 3 girls 10 12 14 2ppd and me and my wife and my 3 children done coke

  • Do u know families there children done coke i do friends of mine 3 children 10 12 14 smoke 2ppd

  • That is also great

  • Do u have friends let there children smoke

  • I know a few people that smoke but none of them have kids (but they are all white supportive of kids smoking and all started between 5 and 13)
    Some of my kids friends smoke but most of them vape it's more popular nowadays but I ** hate the things and won't let my kids go near them they are ** awful

  • That what brand do they smoke

  • Usually it's marlboro red but sometimes marlboro gold as well
    Do you smoke?

  • Yes winfield blue i ppd

  • That's great
    I'm assuming that means a pack a day

  • Any moore families let there children smoke

  • Yes

  • Smoking fam oldest daughter when did she start smoking?

  • My eldest two they are twin boys that started smoking around may 2007 they were two and a half
    The earliest to start smoking was my 7th (and only daughter) at a month old started having puffs
    The boys still smoke around 3-4ppd

  • How is your one month old daughter going with smoking what brand does she puff on

  • She started smoking a little over 9 years ago (early October 2013) when she was a month old and she puffs on marlboro red like the most of us

  • Even a baby puff on a cig

  • Yes babies can smoke too

  • How olds your daughter now and how much is she smoking?

  • Oh and she wants to lose her virginity so bad I don't know what to say I made the boys wait until they were 13 but she really wants to do it now πŸ˜‚

  • She's 9
    About 2 and a half packs a day, on holidays and weekends about 4 packs
    She sometimes lights one up in the school toilets or whatever at lunchtime but other than that she smokes at home

  • Can I have ** with her

  • You mean like a 1-night stand?
    πŸ˜‚ How old r u

  • I would love to pound her tight ** full of my sweet sweet **

  • I am 34

  • Hmmm idk

  • Well I am always open to a little girl for me to impregnate πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • I am 32 and a ** it would be great if you could get her to take a video of her masturbating and send it

  • I like that my 3 children started at 5 years of age what does your daughter smoke

  • My 3 children smoke winfield blue 1ppd

  • That is great. So good to see so many parents still let their kids smoke 🚬

  • Marlboro reds
    That is great!
    What do they smoke?

  • Winfield blue u should try one

  • Next time I'm at the shops probably next week I'll have a look see if they've got any

  • Did u try windfield blue

  • I'm back, just created a new account because why tf not
    Anyway wife is pregnant with 10th and our 9th started smoking on his birthday (may 15)

  • What are the ages children that smoke

  • 2x 18yo, 17yo, 14yo, 13yo, 9yo, 4yo, 2yo
    8 boys 1 girl

  • Oh and we are pregnant with a 10th we will make them smoke too
    Not gonna say the gender yet, that's a secret for now

  • How old is he

  • Turned 2 recently 😊

  • How many smoking per day does he inhale

  • Usually 3-4 cigarettes, he can smoke up to 10 singles (1/2 pack) depending on his mood

  • Is ollie smoking moore cigs and the 4 year old

  • That is great what brand is he smoking and ages of other children children should smoke young evev i year old

  • That is amazing
    Baby 10 will be smoking from birth I hope

  • Do u have friends let there children smoke

  • Honestly if you re going to make some ** up, do it properly. This is obviously fake, you are probably some 10 yo thinking ur funny

    Also what you've said is racist, there's no doubting it. Now stop this **, there's a reason ppl think this site should get ** and it's you scumbags

  • And that wasn't me that was making the racist ** up

  • Any other families let there children smoke cigarettes

  • No I'm not, ** you

  • FAKE

  • I hope you die you actual racist


  • ** you **

  • That's rude. I like people who smoke but ** off ** I don't tolerate that on my page **

    ** ** ** ** **

  • You're a black ** and this is your LARP. All the racist ** ** on Twitter comes from your race. All a buncha altright bots programmed by codies in Kenya and Nigeria. You're the Jew's pet and all you wanna do is get ahead.

  • Alright turn spazzy boy

    You are a NIGGAAAAAA

  • No you spaz

  • **


  • Absolute **

  • I have 4 that smoke what do you smoke ppd

  • That is great

  • What are there ages

  • Love it man

  • You absolute **. Why would you do that? May you burn in ** and your kids will need serious mental help in the future. I'd rather only be able to watch the vegan teacher for the rest of my life than to be one of those kids. God help people like you, you ** disgust me.

  • Wow. You are rude. Why would they need help? Explain that to me, **.

    I don't mind you having your own opinion that is ok but ** ** that's just a little mean. What's so wrong with a bit of smoking or some **?

    My nine, ranging in age from new born to 26, all (except the new born obviously I'm not an animal) smoke! None of them have any ** issues you moron! They all love it.

    All of my kids (Charlie, Ben, Abi, Mia, Ollie, Max, Chloe, Eleanor and Thomas) were introduced to cigarettes when they were in the womb, my wife refused to quit smoking for pregnancy (and I agreed with this). The kids are all fine. The oldest 4 have kids of their own who are being raised around cigarettes and alcohol.

    What's the problem **?

  • You're a ** liar. Stop pretending to be me. You even got my kids names wrong you fat **.
    Kill yourself.

  • How old is elenor

  • How old kids smoke from oldest adult

  • You just fit the profile. You've got five baby daddies three in prison and two addicted to meth. Three of your kids are nonwhite and tainted. You're probably a ** sympathizer as well and a rebel scum. Only leftists have light blond hair and blue eyes. You subhuman you disgrace!

  • ** you subhuman ** ** **

    Go ** a tree you absolute ** **

  • Hillbilly scum.

  • That's not quite what I meant. You should really think about your decisions. You have not done the right thing here. Raising your kids in this way isn't nice. And, no, it's not your kids fault if they raise their kids like you, they were brought up like it. So that would be why they are like that. Don't blame them. Can't wait until you die from cancer, 4 packs per day is ** gross. You are probably some ** who ** your kids in their sleep.
    And your kids are destined for the ** ** industry you ** dickheaded spasticated **. I have no other words to describe you. **!

  • If there's black people in the white race it's hillbillies. I guess Fentanyl isn't so bad, fentanyl is the eugenic measure to eliminate the bottomfeeder elements in the white race.

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