Listening to mom have ** with a guy she brought home.

It was Friday night, my dad was out of town for work and mom thought I was staying at a friend’s overnight. I was 15 at the time.
My friend’s sister had to take me home because his grandmother had a heart attack, they called an ambulance, everything went crazy. 
I was gaming in my room when I heard mom’s car pull in. I noticed a second car pull. I didn’t recognize the car so so I turned everything off, went silent and kept looking. A man got out. It was dark but I noticed he was well over a foot taller than mom. Both walked to the front door.
I’ll describe mom.
She’s 5ft. goes to the gym often to work out and tan, maybe 110lb, black hair & brown eyes. Her job is a loan officer at a local bank and was 38 years old at the time.

I heard the front door and the two of them talking. The man’s voice was very deep and carried through the empty house. I heard him compliment mom’s ‘** body’. They went to the bedroom but didn’t close the door. I’m guessing they thought they were home alone.
I sat in my closet behind my door, which was 3/4 open. I couldn’t see anything.
I heard the rustling of cloths coming off and noises like kissing or maybe mom sucking **. I was a virgin at the time but watched a lot of **. I had an idea what was going on. lol
I’ll never forget hearing mom’s voice say, ‘I love your big **.’ btw; She said that to him countless times all night.
She let out a moan and a big, “OH YES!”
I heard the bed rocking. I know that sound because I’ve woke up in the middle of the night before and heard mom and dad. However, this time was different I guess it was louder because the door was open but the bed was rocking hard and fast and I could also hear two bodies slamming together. It was obvious the two were F**king. My mom was very vocal. I’m pretty sure he f**ked her into a couple of **. Again, I’ve watched lots of ** and mom’s voice clearly changed to a high pitched squeal more than once.
They took two breaks.
The first time, I heard mom dash to the bathroom and pee while the guy used the bathroom in the hallway. He turned on the light and peed for a long time.
I thought they were finished because mom went to the kitchen to get them drinks but then I heard muffled talking, kissing or mom sucking him and they went back at it. (sounds of the bed rocking and bodies slamming together)
The second time, I heard the sliding glass door open so they must have went outside to smoke.
They F**ked one more time and he left around 4am.
I heard his deep voice say, ‘I’m all F**ked out. I need get back to the hotel, take a shower and a nap cause I fly out at noon.’

She walked him to the door, I heard more kissing and he said, “I’ll see you in Dallas.” The door closed and I heard his car leave.
btw; Two weeks later, mom went to Dallas for training. 
As soon as I heard the shower turn on, I j**ked off a couple of times. 
The next morning when mom woke up, the look of panic on her face when she seen me.
She asked if I was home last night. I gave her a smirky grin and nodded ‘Yes’.
She told me she felt like a terrible mother and wife. She begged me to keep it a secret. I agreed. After a glass of juice, mom napped on the couch. Being curious, I checked the trash cans in the bathrooms and in her room. There was no evidence they’d used condoms.
After that, mom never objected when I brought a girl home or lit up a joint in the backyard. lol
That was three years ago.
This is the reason I’m posting the story now.
This past New Year’s Eve mom and I were home alone. She had wine and was already buzzed. We went out back to share a joint. btw; she started joining me a few years ago. lol. Apparently, mom smoked a lot of pot in college and was very excited when she found out I can get it. lol
Mom was extremely relaxed so I asked, “You never told me about the guy you brought home a few years ago. How long had you two been hooking up?” In a joking way and repeating what she tells me all the time. “Now I hope you kids practice safe **.” 
She said, “Ok, you’re 18, I guess I can be honest but you have to promise to still keep this a secret. He’s a VP from corporate and had been begging me to have ** with him for a while. He was in town for a contract closeout, we went to dinner. Well, I finally caved but it was a one time thing.”
With my joking voice, I said, “You mean it was the only time you hooked up with him here. (giggling). What about that trip to Dallas I heard him mention before he left?” She blushed and punched me on the arm and said, “Hey! I’m not that looped! I’m your mom! AND That’s all you’re getting out of me.”
I kept pressing until she confessed to still ‘seeing’ the guy on the side. She also told me he’s married.

Feb 13

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  • You really should have used the opportunity to f*** your mom. She sounds like a wonderful lay and why should you miss out on that? She only sees this other guy now and then, and you could have your d*** in her all the time in between.

  • My parents are swingers also. I was 12 when they started bringing different people home but my mom brings a lot more men home then my dad did.

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