Dance of Death!

Are people evil or it's just their deeds?
Me? I am THE EVIL.
I am not like those stupids with a gun, shooting up some kids in school or strangling a toddler or stabbing someone to death.

Also, I am not talking about killing a person or two. The day I get my big break, I am going to wipe out all the living things in this planet. You, your family, you friends, my family, my friends, every single one of them.

The reason - To paint a dystopia from the world's ashes.

I'm kidding, there is no special reason. I just wish to see the world engulfed in flames. Oh what a beautiful sight would it be. Chaos, Mayhem, Despair, Death and then eternal silence. Édouard Manet would probably paint a masterpiece of it.

Humans, the most civilized race among the living morons who can't live without money are doomed anyways. Also, we all are going to die anyways. So why don't I do the honors and help my dear friend "Death" with it's work.

Now, If I had the powers, I would probably make everyone experience more pain and make everyone beg for death because it would be an act of mercy.

What if, I could just point my ** at a random person and he/she would drop dead? What a lovely sight it would be. People would panic and scramble like ants. The wailings of women, cries of men would fill the air. A song for death and me to waltz in.
I would slowly walk, trying to savor the moments, they would be grasping for breath and a hand because death is supposed to be scary right?

Maybe the vultures would return to feast on all of you. Maybe there would be a fight for the right to eat your eyes.
I would stare at them and laugh as I eat your heart and drink your blood. Just the thought makes me feel the butterflies in my tummy.

When everything's over and everyone are dead, I would go to sleep in the Atlantic. Waiting for the day humans return, so that I once again do my dance of death.

Pray to your false gods that I never rise to power. Because when I'll rise, everything shall perish.

Feb 17

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  • Hi, 13 year old me! Give it a few years, everything'll smooth out and you'll be a lot more zen and live and let live about all this gobbledygook. For the record, though, all that you wish here is promised in the passage of time. There's nothing to be done about it, and nothing to really do to make it come to pass sooner than it ought to. But, you know, things aren't so bleak and your anger is probably misplaced and abused compassion, your hatreds so deep because there's a lot of mixed up love that got tainted by thought and experiences.

    You're 'the evil', but so is literally everyone else. The best and the worst of us are all human, and every human is capable of infinite good and infinite evil. I got to where you are pretty young, and then did a full 180 and realized that if I wanted to see a beautiful world, I had to get started on making the world I see beautiful. It's a lot nicer than the doom and gloom.

  • You forgot to take your pills again...

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