Cheating on my boyfriend

I am an 18 yr old female my bf is 24 .one weekend my bf was away with his was a warm august night ,and i was bored.i decided to take a walk.i was wearing a skirt so i thought to change into a pair of shorts .but for some reason i just left the skirt on.i put on a pair of comfortable i started to take my walk i heard a bunch of guys in the park talking and joking around .as i walked by i heard one guy yell hi maria whats up.i then realized it was one of my bfs friend.i walked over to the guys in the park,and started to chat with them.i didnt know the other 5 guys .they were drinking beer .and asked me if i wanted one.i rarely drink beer but it was a hot night so i said ok .the guy i knew asked me where my bf was.i told him he was out of town.i started to drink the didnt take long for me to feel a buzz.i sat on the bench since i was feeling a little i sat there i didnt realize my skirt was hiked up just below my panties.then i leaned back a little and now my panties were showing.i noticed the guys were all around me looking down at my now exposed panties.the problem was i was wearing light blue see thru the guys wre getting a good look at my p**** thru my panties.then they offered me another beer .i started to drink it .now i was really getting thing i knew the guys pulled my skirt up even higher so now my panties were really exposed.they said why dont u spread ur legs so we can get a really good view of ur p****.i guess the combination of the beer and the warm night i seemed to be getting excited so i spread my legs as the guys were all staring at my p**** thru my panties.i was really getting h**** showing these guys my p****.then they said why dont we go in the bushes behind that tree so no one can see us.they took me by my arms and led me over to the bushes.then they told me to lye down on my back and spread my legs.i just did what they said.i was on my back then they told me to spread my legs and give them a good view of my p****.i was really feeling h**** letting them see me like that.then they said come on baby take your panties off so we can see your hot p**** up close.i said ok as i started to slip my panties my skirt was pulled up and my p**** was exposed.i had just shaved my p**** so it was completley bald.i spread my legs and gave them a really good thing i now they r taking their c**** out.they said ok whose first.the guy i knew said since i know her let me have her p**** first.before i knew it he was on top of me and i could feel his c*** spread my p**** felt so good as i felt my p**** lips wrap around his c*** as he started to f*** make a long story short all the guys had a turn on me.when they were all finished they thanked for a good time.i got dressed and went home.i was thinking i couldnt believe what i did but i have to admit i really loved it.

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  • Did u let them c** in u?

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