Mickey and Maude

The whole thing initially began when I was grounded one year while in highschool. The window in front of my neighbor's kitchen sink was directly across from my bedroom. Since there was no internet back then, as one could assume, my time spent grounded was extremely dull. In my boredom I observed that the 50-year-old widow next door always did the dishes at roughly the same time each evening before bedtime. So in order to get some thrills, I decided to take off my clothes in front of the window, and after doing it repeatedly, the whole situation quickly turned into an obsession. As it was Autumn she soon requested me to come over and clear up her leaves as I had been doing this for her since I was a young child. I obliged when she asked me to come inside, so she could pay me. I had never been rewarded like that for doing so little labor before as she dropped her robe and began to seduce me in her bedroom. She instructed me to watch out back because whenever she would be available for **, she would hang two pairs of her silk lace ** on the clothesline. To cut a long story short, what I had intended to be a one-time tease turned into an affair that lasted until she passed away a decade later.

Feb 18

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I date black men while married white

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