I date black men while married white

Hi everyone I’m a 34year old married white woman with two kids. Recently I’ve been dating black men after being introduced to this lifestyle by a ** friend of mine. My husband wasn’t doing it anymore for me and I’ve always had fantasies about bbc but never experienced anyone but white men because of my parents. I love my husband but I definitely feel like I’m being fulfilled sexually with dating hung ** black men. My husband didn’t agree with my decision but it’s my choice and I definitely love how powerful and big my new boyfriends are.

Feb 18

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  • And now you have herpes. Great

  • I can relate.
    Four years ago. I married a white guy after college.
    While in college, my sorority had a policy that would only allow us to have a girlfriend or date black guys. Preferred the black athletes. We were not allowed to bring a white guy to a social or party.
    My husband is OK at ** but I miss having ** with a well built black guy.

  • So you're racist body shaming scumbags. Got it.

  • No, just stating the facts. Sorry if you have an inferiority complex due to your small p e n i s

  • True.
    All the black guys I've had ** with were much larger than my husband.

  • They are larger and they are so forceful and masculine when having **.

    I love my husband but ** with him is boring

  • Totally agree. My husband is 7 inches. But nothing is better than the girth of a bbc and the pure ** they give.

    My husband is passionate

    But I just need a good rough ** and stretch that kitty out

  • Buy a **. Get fisted.

  • It’s not the same. Seeing that huge bbc thinking OMG.

    Then watching it disappear and going yeah baby that hurts sooo good. You can’t get that from a ** or **. Though those are good ways to warm up to a nice BBC

  • Oh yes, nothing better than that feeling when you feel as though it’s about to tear and he is rearranging your insides. That feeling of oh my, I took it ALL, WOW!

  • Once you go black you get herpes

  • Totally agree

  • So juvenile

  • Agree!

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