I have fantasies about being won at Dad's poker game

Since I was in my late teens I've felt like I am an over-sexed girl, or something.
I have the most sexual things in my head while I'm riding my pillow - !
One of my favs is fantasizing about being taken by older men. Men my father's age.
I've had a couple of much older guys....both were my bosses. I like how appreciative they are of my body. I'm 5'7", 133lbs, blonde, blue eyes. (oh yes, I don't shave - they very much like being in my blonde **! with their faces or fingers)
My fantasy is that my dad asks me to be the hostess for one of his poker games at our house. I'm barefoot, long tanned legs in my little white Levi short-shorts and a shorty top - no bra on my B-cups, a little pointy! My shorts are a little tight in the front.....which guys really seem to like! Just a tiniest bit of bottom cheeks showing. Cute - not rude. But **.
Anyway - pop loses big. And in the final pot of the game he tries to win it all back by offering his daughter, me!, to cover his bet. And he loses again.
My dad comes to the kitchen and gives me the bad news - tells me what he has done - and asks me to go up to my room, "remove your shorts honey, and lay on your tummy on your bed. Maybe spread your legs a little....as Bob and Bill come into the room."
"Two guys, DAD??!!"
"Sorry honey....just do what you can to make them happy, and I promise never to do this again." I am mad, surprised, nervous, AND excited. But I can't show my dad that!
So, up I go. I tug down my shorts, lay on my tum on my bed with my legs spread a little in my little flowered bikini **...** towards my door.
Well....in my fantasy these two nice gents are super **, very well endowed, and while taking turns on me - manage to last into the wee hours! By the time they stagger out my bedroom door - after leaving a thick stack of cash on my beside table - my life-time ** for older men is fully sated, for one night!. My bed is wet - my chest is wet, my lower back was wet, my thighs are wet, there is liquid running down my little **, a foamy like liquid lays in my blond ** - I have been explored all over my young body! "Fingers only, guys in my ** please?" and they heed my plea....but my nips are swollen, my mouth and ** are beard burned, my tongue is sore from being soundly sucked, and my poor little lady lips are .....well, I won't be able to wear any of my **-cutter Levis for a few days!
To tell the truth - when I am in the middle of imagining this fantasy -- while frantically ** my pillow between my legs....I am having my or gasm right as they come through the door and lay their eager little eyes on my little flowered ** stuck firmly where I've tucked them up into behind!
It is a fantasy....so we all have that special point in it when we start to have the lovely spasm between our legs.
The anticipation of what they are about to do to me after they see my scantily clad body laying there for their enjoyment ------ is my moment!
BAM!....always a big one!....and I love it!

Feb 20

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Stir paint with my bf **

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  • Hard as a rock

  • That's a great fantasy idea!
    I was raised by a single dad, mom ran out when I was 11. My dad owns a construction business and was also in the reserves. When I was 14, I started having naughty thoughts of me and dad's friend having **. B is older than my dad, divorced with older daughters. During high school, I had a few boyfriends so let's just say I was no longer a virgin and dad made sure to have me on bc.
    I should also add that when B was over, I'd make sure to wear tight yoga shorts and a loose tank top with no bra so he could catch a nip slip. I'd get so aroused when I'd catch him ** after me.
    For my 18th B-day, dad took me out to dinner and his friend when with us. His friend asked if he could use dad's garage the next day to service his Harley. Dad agreed.
    The next day, my dad left for work. I knew he'd have an hour drive to his work site. I had a few online classes so I was home.
    B came over, I opened the garage door and he pulled his bike inside. I was wearing a long night shirt and asked if he'd come inside for coffee first.
    I put in a K-cup and took off my shirt, I was wearing nothing underneath.
    He was shocked. I told him I'm 18 and have been wanting this for a long time.
    We went to my bedroom and had **. Funny part, the mattress almost fell off the bed!!

  • Wish that could be me. But my ** isn't impressive. More like slightly embarrassing

  • I prefer 5 to 6 inches.
    In college I had a fwb that was freaking HUGE!
    I swear my cervix would be sore afterwards.

  • So do you like your ** sucked? Lightly or harder with tongue flicking

  • Hey buddy, I think you're replying to a girl. She said her cervix would be sore afterward.
    A dude would have said my ** was sore. Just sayin'

  • Honey - if I could ride you - whatever you have will rub the heck out of my ** - and we can ** and ** each other for as long as we can stand it! No worries about size!

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