I'm happily married, but I let men.....

I really am happily married - but eve since I started work retail or office work aa an 18 yr old I have let co-workers and bosses come on to me.
I can't remember how many guys have felt me up while we neck in - stock rooms, offices, elevators, etc!
Blacks, whites, Middle Eastern college students I am supposed to be tutoring. etc., older, younger. You name it! I'm very attractive......and I like their attention.
I guess I just need a little more attention out there in the work places than I probably should be getting.
Men sure enjoy me - and I really like men, and their hands, and tongues!

Feb 22

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  • I read these - and used 3 fingers on myself to get off!
    You guys are the best!

  • That's hot! Wish I had that type of workplace. Where are you from dear?

  • Inside **, nice. Makes the job more interesting. I’d like to get inside that **

  • Would love to see pictures of you. I can give you the attention you deserve.


  • What do you look like? Measurement?

  • I've been getting hit on since I was 15. 5' 7", 132'bs, C cups. Boy-cut blond hair, but auburn **, brown eyes. I've no trouble attracting men...

  • Mmmm. Bush of fire. Never met a girl with a fire ** that is not a ** fiend

  • How bout their **

  • I only feel them through their trousers! :-)...and they rarely get all the way to my skin....well, maybe a little bottom squeezing under my skirts, inside my **.
    What they do to satisfy themselves afterwards is their business!

  • I just came thinking about you feeling up the **

  • That’s giving me a **

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