Spanked naked!

I got many spankings when a kid completely naked! They were primarily by my mom and a few by dad. I had to remove all my clothing myself. Sometimes it was because I finished a bath and was not allowed to get dressed. This was done to increase the tension and fear of what was going to happen. Even though I’m a boy I wasn’t embarrassed at all being naked in front of mom but very embarrassed in front of my dad.
This whole process was to let me know the severity of whatever I did to deserve this. When I got these spankings they were very long, hard, and PAINFUL! I realized if I didn’t want to another one, I had to change my behavior – which I did. My fully naked spankings were the most extreme and only given to me for the most severe behavior issues. I’m still embarrassed today that I got them.

Mar 6

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  • Would like to hear more.

  • I had them too. I have very good parents and I'm glad they ironed out my antisocial traits, non-physical methods would not have worked on me.

    As long as they were doing it to educate, not out of enjoyment, this is healthy.

  • Agree 100% - more parents today should do this!

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  • Spankings when as kid are supposed to be painful and embarrassing so you learn your lesson and not repeat the behavior that got you spanked! You had GOOD parents!!!!

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