Insulted my teacher and she didn't know it was me.

This happened when I was 15 years old and in high school. I had just come back from summer vacation and my English teacher, Carol, asked what each of us did on our vacation. She'd ask one student what he/she did and she was told. However, when she got to me, instead of asking me what I did on my vacation, she asked me if I got a summer job. I responded with no and suddenly she starts yelling at me. Don't remember what she said because I tend to forget things but I do remember looking at her very p*ssed. Fast forward a few years later after graduation. I took an internship at the school installing games on the computer and helping a guy who was, in a sense, my boss fix any computers that shut down. I even had to work at the school during summer vacation. Here's where my revenge comes in. Carol had one of those paper easel stands in her room for lessons. During one summer day, while in her room, I suddenly began to remember that one day where she yelled at me. Here I was, at my old school during summer vacation, with nobody there but me and the guy I worked for. That's when I did something I swear I never thought I'd do. I took a black marker that was on the easel, went all the way to the back and on the second to last page I wrote, "Carol Bell ** elephant c*ck!" Now I know some people who are going to read this will call me an immature a**hole and I defintely agree but, let me explain. It wasn't just me that Carol would yell at. She would yell at other students to their face as well and get them mad too. A few students even stormed out of her class if she was being rude to them. So, I'm not the only one who hated her guts. Many, many years later, I was at my job at the supermarket when a guy I went to school with came in to buy groceries. As I was helping him out to his vehicle, I admitted what I did and he was shocked and said, "Oh, so you're the one who did it." I asked him what he meant and he said that one day, during class, Carol came upon the message that I left all the way in the back of the paper easel and she went ballistic. She started screaming at everybody demanding to know who did it and everybody denied leaving the message. I asked my friend what Carol's exact words were but, he just said that she went crazy. To any of you who are teachers and are reading this, seriously, please consider how you treat your students because you never know how they'll react if you mistreat them.

Mar 17

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  • I like to wear big leg shorts when riding my bike and let my ** kinda slide out so people can see and watch the girls look

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