My Husband is Feeding Me To Death

My husband is feeding me to death. He is what is known as a "Death Feedist". He gets off on the idea of feeding a woman until they get so obese that they die. We have been married 9 years and I've grown enormous in that time. He never stops pushing food at me because he knows how weak willed I am and that I cannot resist food or control my appetite. It's become a living ** because he is so insistent and diabolical in his constant urging me to eat. He has even said that he wants to funnel feed me weight gain milkshakes but so far I have been able mske enough excuses to avoid having to do it... I have been plump, even since childhood and that's always been okay because it was never out of control like it is now. My parents and I worked pretty hard at not letting my weight get out of hand. But since I got married things have been quite different. It started while I got engaged to my husband. I'm 5 foot 5 inches tall and I weighed about 170 pounds at that time He would take me to these all you can eat buffets at least twice a week and encourage me to eat until I was so full that I could barely breathe. With the stress of planing a wedding I would just eat unconsciously as he encouraged me to eat more and more. Consequently my weight started to surge up and up. By the time our wedding day came I was over 250lbs. With my two pregnancies I gain almost 100 pounds with each one. He just kept feeding me even though my OBGYN warned us constantly that I was gaining too much weight. My husband convinced my that the Dr. was just being over cautious and that my ballooning weight was perfectly normal for some pregnancies. I should have paid better attenton to everyone who said otherwise including my family who were agast at the physical changes I was going through. As time went on my husband became more and more forceful with his insistence on shoving food at me. After the kids were born his feederism intensified and he is now obsessed with my weight gain. I got on the scale the other day and I almost fainted when I saw the number... It was 684lbs. My husband just laughed his evil laugh and said; "Good, 700 pounds is just around the corner. I have a big breakfast waiting for you and the kids so waddle your morbidly obese ** to the kitchen table, pronto" and yes, he is also overfeeding our two daughters, ages 7 and 5 and they have developed huge appetites and are both getting terribly fat. I feel awful for them and myself and I do not know what to do. I'm always out of breath and I sometimes need oxygen. I sweat profusely and I can't even walk more than 12 or 15 steps without my knees and back screaming in protest. Most days I think I'm going to die because it is just so laborious to breathe and move. I just sit here on this broken down sofa, inbetween stuffings, like big puffed up toad gasping and waiting to explode. I haven't showered on my own in 3 years. My husband washes me with a bucket of soapy water and the garden hose on our back deck in full view of the neighbors because I cannot fit in our bathtub or shower. The neighbors all come out to stare and laugh, it's unbelievably embarrassing and although I keep a brave face, I want to break down and cry... I rarely wear anything other than a huge nightgown that is little more than a rag at this point. I've begged him to stop and to help me lose weight but he is adamant about me gaining as much weight as possible. He's killing me with food and doesn't care as long as he can **-off to my grotesquely bloated body. Thats the only upside to this is that our ** life is intensely amazing. But I now realize that I'm married to a monster. I've reached out to my parents and sister for help but they both have refused to help me, citing the fact that they warned me about my husband being a feeder/psycho in the beginning of our relationship. Unfortunately I didn't listen because I thought I was in love and that my husband was just trying to make me happy. I even cut ties with my family for years over it but now I know they were right and I need their help. But apparently their anger at my ignoring them is stronger than their concern for me. My mom even said that I'm getting what I deserve and she will see me at my funeral and hopefully there will be a casket big enough to fit me in. I never thought I would end up so isloated and cut off like this way. I guess I'm now going to have to pay for my pigheaded selfishness and reckless gluttony. Pray for me.

Mar 24
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  • Have you given in? How are things going for you now?

  • I guess I've pretty much stopped fighting it. I don't have much choice but I'm still fighting for my children. The other week my 7 year old came home from school with a note from the school nurse. The note was basically a threat stating that if I didn't take my daughter to a pediatrician to be put on a weight-loss plan, the school would contact one for us and involve child services. I explained this to my husband and he has agreed to back off on feeding my two girls so much as long as I continue to eat and gain as much weight as he wants. I don't want to lose my children so what can I really do. The other day I tipped the scale at 697 pounds. He's really pushing me hard to get over 700lbs and I can't stop it. Ultimately he wants me to weigh at least 1000lbs and claim the title of the world's heaviest woman. He told me that is his goal and end game... I probably won't live to see that but I'll do whatever he wants if he stops feeding our children so much. The only thing left to me now is prayer. Please pray for me because most days I feel like I'm going to just pop.

  • Just eat and eat, you dumb fat slob. Feed your porky kids too. Every group of kids need a few fatties to make fun of and torment. Especially if they have a huge prize hog for a mum. πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

  • You get what you deserve, piggy.

  • Contact police and let them know of the issue and that you and the children are in danger. Check into a weight loss rehab / facility and leave the children with someone you trust. Do you want them to become your size at a very young age?

  • If the OP lives in the US it would probably be better to contact "Child Services" in her state. The Police will only bring them in after they have traumatized the childern in the process and probably the OP as well. In a situation like this it is best not to involve the police. They are ill equipped to handle something like this and they will only make the situation worse. If child services need to remove the children from the home they will inform the police and they will stand by in case of any complications with the father.

  • You must have enjoyed this life up to a point, at least? Why else would you have married your husband and kept eating?

  • I enjoyed it in the beginning because I thought it was a way to make my husband happy and for me it felt liberating to not have to watch every calorie that I put in my mouth. I had been doing that since I was a child and unless you have lived like that, you have no idea how tedious and mentally exhausting that can be. And we were both genuinely happy for a time... But as I got bigger and bigger and the numbers on the scale climbed higher and higher the enjoyment started to turn to alarm. It seemed the heavier I got, the more obsessed my husband got with making me fatter. And as my mobility suffered more and more, I started to realize that maybe letting go of control of my weight wasn't such a good idea. But by then the situation was out of control.

  • Do you have any friends that you could turn to to help house you and help you lose weight?

  • I have a few friends but they do not have the accommodations to handle me at my current size. Also even if they did have the accommodations, I wouldn't want to burden them with all the extra physical issues someone my size has. You have no idea how embarrassing it can be... As for helping me lose weight, that would put them in a very awkward position with my husband and I wouldn't want to do that either. He would just double down on his feederism and take their attempts at intervention out on me and possibly the children. I can't have that happen. I'm alone in this unless my family has a change of heart and helps me, but right now I don't see it happening.

  • Well you have two choices. You can take the steps to get help somewhere and change your life and the lives of your children, or you can just be a big fat whale and eat until you die. Your kids will be fine either way. They will just grow up fat and be enormously fat adults. It's not like they will be unique or anything. People all over the globe are fat and getting fatter. There is no shame in it regardless of the moralizing that some people love to do about obesity...The choice is yours, piggy. I already know what you will choose. You're a gluttonous hog at heart and you will remain so regardless of your weight or life situation. Fat will be forever on you because your self-control has gone by-by.

  • How fat have your daughters become?

  • My 7 year old is at least 160 pounds and my 5 year old is just under 100. Both are getting so fat that it worries me terribly. I'm afraid they will end up like me or worse.

  • Those kids are too skinny. Feed them more. Lots more. You husband isn't doing a very good job...When my daughter was 7 she was almost 200lbs. Now that she is 16, she is over 400lbs. The boys come sniffing around all the time looking to catch a glimpse of her huge ** in her bikini. Her mom (my wife) is a nice big fatty too. She weighed in at 674.5lbs at her last gyno appointment. The Dr. freaked and said she needs to lose a lot of her luscious pounds πŸ˜† but I'm not letting that's happen anytime soon.

  • Don't worry about your children's weight. By the time they are adults being grossly obese will be the norm, especially in places like the US. Let them enjoy their food and I suggest you do the same. You seem to be far too stressed out by this. Just eat and let your husband love you and take care of you. It's really your only recourse. You may not love to be a ripe old age but in life it's quality and not quantity that makes all the difference.

  • I hope you are right because I don't see a way out of this. If I just submit, it might goes easier for me and the children.

  • Excellent. Keep feeding them...πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • I have two daughters, they're a little older than yours but they are very fat too. I'm very fat as well. My husband supersized me as well except I've enjoyed every minute of it. I'm a feedee/gainer and I've been fat all my life. Genetics and gluttony have made me enormous. Currently I'm over 700lbs and I need help with everything from toileting to just getting out of bed in the morning.. I've gotten so fat that I'm seriously considering working toward becoming the world's fattest woman. I know my husband would love it. He waits on me hand and foot and worships the ground I waddle on..πŸ˜†. The only thing he requires is that I eat amd continue to gain. Life is not exactly easy at this size so I can sympathize with your plight. Things that normal before take for granted are sometimes impossible for women our size but I think it's worth it. If you are truely unhappy you need to do something about it but it might just be easier if you just accept your relationship and enjoy the food and the attention. I sure yout husband loves you and takes care of you to the best of his ability. Enjoy it because a lot of people will never expeirence that kind of love and devotion.

  • Where can I find a supersized hottie like you? I've looked and looked but no luck. I would just love me a ultra-supersized girlfriend that is fine with being super fat but they don't seem to really exist. I hope I'm wrong but it sure doesn't seem like it.

  • How do you reconcile the fact that your children are being set up for a life of morbid obesity? I could probably resign myself to being a big bloated pig if I wasn't so concerned about my kids. Children don't have a choice regarding what they are fed or how much they are fed. They usually just do what their parents or gardians condition them to do. Consequently your daughters and mine are going to be obese adults. Studies show that obese parents usually have obese children and those children grow up to be obese teens and obese adults. And with all the social, emotional and physical challenges fat people face, I can't help but think I'm doing my children a huge disservice letting them be fattened like little pigs. How do you see it?

  • How do I reconcile the fact that my children are fat and that they will be obese adults? That's a hard question to answer. I think mainly it is something that just comes with our family lifestyle and genetics. Also being fat is not the end of the world as we are lead to believe by elements of society with a vested interest in preying on the insecurities of fat people. I've taught them not to let their weight and size define who they are and what they can do in life. I've also taught them body positivity and not to get hung up on the numbers on the scale or their appearance. I think my husband and I have instilled a pretty good sense of self-esteem in our daughters and it shows. They're both happy, active, teens unlike many of their friends and peers. I would rather them be fat and happy than afflicted with the body disphoria that far too many young girls have today. I for one grew up with body image issues which led to an eating disorder and I have been determined not let my girls go through the same **. So if they are fat.... big deal, let them eat what they want, as long as they are mentally and emotionally well adjusted.

  • You do have a point about childern being happy and well adjusted. It shouldn't be linked to their weight or body image.

  • So basically you have resigned yourself to being too fat to move or live very long and you have sentenced your childern to be the same... I guess that's one way of looking at it but I'm not sure I could be truely happy doing that.

  • I've been supersized as well, but I didn't really like it to start with being conscience of my weight. Then one day I just accepted it & then started to enjoy it, then absolutely loved it. I love that I'm waited on hand & foot, spoiled, pampered, I don't have to do a thing, he keeps the house immaculate & I watch him as I eat & eat & eat. I'm currently 803lbs, can still get around, although very slowly & happy to get even bigger. But this life isn't for everyone & if the op isn't happy she needs to do something about it.

  • Where can I find a woman like you? Every fat chick I try to date hates the fact that they are fat and they are constantly trying to lose weight. Mention anything about feederism or gaining weight and you get treated like a leper. I know gainer girls are out there but where the ** are they? Sometimes I think they don't really exist and they're just internet trolls.

  • Try online dating for BBWs and SSBBWs or try hooking up with a woman through "FEABIE" or "Fantasy Feeder". You will probably have to sort through a lot of fake profiles and scamers but women like me who like to be fat and get bigger are out there.

  • That's because they don't exist. Every single ultra obese woman is not happy or okay with being an enormous whale. They try to cover it in a vain attempt at trying to live s normal life. They lie to themselves and others about being happy and all to often they latch onto the HAES ** that is nothing more than the denial of the truth. Let's face facts, morbid obesity is a death sentence for 80% of those afflicted with it. It's roots are more often than not developed in trauma, mental illness, gluttony, laziness, ignorance, and irresponsible behavior. Being hundreds upon hundreds of pounds beyond what is considered normal and healthy is just plain insanity.

  • We do too exist. Your fatophobia is ridiculous. Yes, many women are still hung up on a standard of beauty that has been ingrained and brainwashed into society by the diet and healthcare industries that doesn't really reflect a woman's needs or desires. It's all about the money and not really anout people's wellbeing. That is why so many women hate their bodies and there are epidemic levels of eating disorders in all ages and demographics. There is absolutely not wrong with being fat or obese or whatever you want to call it, as long as you eat a balanced diet and remain active.

  • That's exactly right. You are obviously happy being very fat as am I but the OP is obviously not... At least not in her present emotional and mental state. It also seems that she thinks her situation is hopeless and depression is ruling her outlook and decision making. But nothing is ever truely hopeless. She has to find the good in her situation and build on that. She has to learn to love herself before she can fix what's wrong in her life. Unfortunately she will not find the tools to fix her ** here. I do wish her luck in her journey through.

  • If you’re currently 803 pounds, and getting fatter, are your daughters getting fatter as well? I would love to chat with you about it, because I think fat girls are super cute πŸ₯°πŸ₯° Being pampered and spoiled sounds like a life I’d love to give a daughter ❀️

  • *over 700 pounds, not 803 pounds

  • I'm glad you are enjoying your life. Unfortunately at this point, I'm not enjoying mine. Maybe if I didn't feel so awful and out of breath all the time, maybe if I didn't look so massively bloated, maybe if my children weren't looking at the same fate as myself, I could accept this and just be a big fat whale. Can you give me any insight on how you have come to deal with being so very fat? I would love to know so it can maybe help improve my quality of life. Does your husband stuff you constantly and how do you handle the horrible after affects like being unable to breath or feeling like you are going to burst? Are you plagued with terrible indigestion? How about sleep apnea? Are you diabetic? How do you handle your toileting and bathing situation? Sorry if I'm getting personal, I just need to know that I'm not alone in this world with these problems.

  • I'm very sorry that you are not happy. I wish you lots of luck finding the happiness you need. To answer some of your questions... Yes my husband stuffs me BUT only with my consent. We have stuffing secessions where we see how much I can eat but it is on my terms. How do I handle the after effects?... Fortunately most times I enjoy the feeling of being engorged and ready to explode..πŸ˜„. My husband loves to rub and jiggle my huge belly when I'm stuffed full. Actually he loves to jige me all the time, private and public... We get off on it. Indigestion? Yes sometimes, everyone does from time to time. That's what they make anti-acid meds for. Sleep apnea... Yes but I use a Cpap and once you get used to it it's not a big deal. Diabetes, not as of my last check-up but my mom has it and I probably will too some day. As for personal al care, my husband and sometimes on rare occasions my oldest daughter help me out with that stuff. Also, I'm still remarkably mobile considering my size. I've always been very active. I played field hockey and softball in HS and college dispite the fact that I was very fat. I lift free weights with my daughters and I get as much exercise as someone as big as me can possibly get so I can retain some mobility. Overall I really enjoy my size and my life I'm very saddened that you do not enjoy yours. It seems that you have an abusive rationship/feeder on your hands. I know where you are coming from as my boyfriend in college who is also the father of my oldest child was abusive and he would get emotionally abusive and physically violent if I didn't comply with his wishes to stuff me and make me fatter. After my oldest daughter's birth, I had to get a restraining order against him. It wasn't easy but it was the best option I had for me and my child. Unfortunately the feederism community is full of these misogynistic abusive types. It's just the nature of the beast.

  • I couldn't agree more in regards to abusive feeders & death feeders. To me that's not a loving relationship. Yes, I'm 803lbs, but it's been my choice that I've gotten this fat. Considering the amount of weight I'm carrying, I'm doing well health wise. Last check up was actually quite good & only my blood pressure is up a bit. I'm not suffering sleep apnea. I do need help showering, simply due to my size & I can't reach, hubby helps with all that. I'm lucky at this weight to be relatively mobile, but like the above I do some exercise & swim a lot. Also I eat very healthily, just lots of it. I have a very caring & loving relationship which is what girls of our size need. To be fattened endlessly without your consent is wrong. Your husband is going to keep fattening you, once you reach 700 he'll want you 800, you'll become immobile which is his goal so then you'll be able to little to stop him fattening you more & more. You need to get out, find a loving man that loves you big & who'll help you loose some weight.

  • Yes, that's exactly what the OP needs to do. She needs to find a man that will love her for who she is and not how much she weighs. She needs to learn that it's okay to be fat and once she finds a man that truely loves and respects her; a man that makes her feel safe and beautiful and takes proper care of her; she will see that being fed and being fat is actually a very enjoyable way to live. I feel truely blessed to have found such a man.

  • So true. I feel blessed as well that I found a man that respects, truely loves me, takes care of me & spoils me, hence weighing 803. I don't consider myself a feedee or my hubby a feeder, but we do both love how fat I am & we're not into feeding per say, I'm just a foodie that loves to eat & he provides me with all I want. Hence I'm happy to get bigger.

  • You are an obese whale and you will pay for your perverse and gluttonous behavior with your health and ultimately with your life. Stop lying to yourself and stop making yourself look foolish by claiming to enjoy being fatter than a pig. At 7 or 800 pounds you are teetering on the brink of your grave. You must look like Jabba the Hutt's fatter sister.

  • Stop whining and just embrace your role in your weird relationship. At least you are providing some pleasure for your creepy/husband/caregiver/provider. You obviously aren't good for much of anything else and that's because this is the life you wanted and asked for. Don't deny it. You made this happen. You were warned but because of your greed and selfishness you just forged ahead into the nightmare state of massive obesity that you currently find yourself. You said so yourself. Face it blimp, you really wouldn't have it any other way. You deserve your fate, we all do. We all make the decisions that land us in the life we lead. As for your kids, well just accept the fact that they are carbon copies of you. Just little porkers who will probably end up hugely obese adults. If they are lucky, they will find a creepy fat lover like you did and get stuffed with all that delicious food until they can't move. Like mother like daughter. Good luck piggy and eat all your disgusting fat filled food no matter how much your deviant husband wants to feed you. If he want to feed you a mountain of cheeseburgers, you eat the whole thing and ask for more. Just do it!

  • Thanks for the support,... NOT. You're as bad as my husband. You're probably a death feeder too. People like you only want what makes you happy. You don't care about others. Even the ones you are supposed to love are just objects to you. And you have the nerve to call me selfish.

  • You are just an object. Can't call someone as big and grotesquely obese and stupid as you, human. You're like livestock. A prize hog to be fattened and shown off in a county fair.

  • You're evil. Just like my husband.

  • You control what you swallow, just cut back.
    Your breathlessness is your heart under strain, you’re so unfit you need to change now or you’ll become unable to move

  • You should hook up with the guy obsessed with wrestling women

  • And what will that do for me?... Give me a massive heart attack?

  • Dead is still better than being a grossly fat useless slob.

  • Thanks a lot. That makes me feel so much better... πŸ˜’

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