I didn’t know about fortnite before

Hi, I’m living under a rock since I didn’t know about Fortnite back then.

I’m a 5th grader who stays to musicals and anything theatre related. I do use social media, but I don’t play much games on my phone.

I stray far away from video game topics on youtube since I was watching Hamilton and Heathers stuff mostly.

One day, when I was at school, a group of boys were talking about Fortnite. I went up to them and asked what was fortnite.

The boys looked at me in a weird way and just left me.

I still wanted to learn more about Fortnite, so when i got home I went on my computer and searched it up.

I saw some h*** there, so I clicked away.

To be honest, I didnt want to see any Fortnite now, because I saw how childish and cringey the community was.

I just stayed at Offline Minecraft for the next five weeks.

Feb 14, 2019

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