Caned my gf

When I was 20 I had a girlfriend who lived at home with her mum. Her father had passed away some years earlier. Her mum was quite strict with her. One thing her mom did was made the daughter wear control briefs. I had never heard of them and she enjoyed showing me and letting me feel. Her mum made her wear them because the theory was that they took so long to take off that all interest in ** would have waned before we got to do anything. Interestigly, the girl was quite up front that we would cuddle and kiss and mutually ** each other but that no way was I to penitrate her. She was not going to loose her virginity until she was married. OK so I enjoyed feeling her and feeling the firmness and tightness of these control briefs. I also enjoyed thinkig about how they restricted her. Likewise the fact that she obeyed her mother even at 20 years of age. So in my mind I was developing an interest in power and control. I developed this fantasy of wanting cane her. I had received the cane at school and had been smacked and caned at home too. Now the other thing was that I had asked her to put on her old school uniform. She agreed and modelled it for me. So one day I said to her that I wanted to cane her. Like a school caning. To my surprise she agreed and said that I would have to wait until a day when her mum was away.

So one day a while later she tells me that he mother was going to be away in a few days time. Now this was not unusual in that she had invited me over on such occasions before and we had spent time together. Now nothing had been said about the cane since that first short conversation. However after that conversation, I had gone looking for a cane. Not owning one you see. This prooved easier said than done. Eventually from a craft shop I was able to purchase a metre of cane claiming I needed it to hang some artwork. I arrived at her home and stood actually shaking a bit with cane by my side and rang the doorbell. She opened the door and saw the cane. She was a bit taken aback and just looked at it. I recall she said something like "OK we had better get this over with" she was wearing a summer dress just above the knees. We went into her house. I was feeling very nervous and of two minds. I wanted to cane her but I did not want to injure her if that makes sense. We went into the lounge room and she bent over and said "go on do it" or words to that effect. I am sure I was very clumsy. I swung the cane and brought it down across her skirt and her back side and she jumped up and grabbed her behind and screamed out. Now to me a caning had always been 4 or 6 cuts and no jumping around. But the dress had slowed the cane. It had however galvanised my desire. I told her to stop the silly yelling and bend over. I remember feeling a great sense of something - power maybe. I think my tone of voice surprised her as much as it did me. I said to her that the dress had gotten in the way and it had to go. She bent over again and I lifted it up and tucked it into the wast band or belt that was a part of the dress. She was wearing the tight control breifs. Ooh the memory is wonderful. I said if she held still it would be just another three but if she didn't then she would get 6. I then hit her with the cane as hard as I could. I had assumed that my teachers had caned me like that and that that was the way one caned. She jumped up and grabbed her **. I was now in a bind but I had to go through with the threat I had made. "Bend over" I said firmly and she started arguing so I just stood there and looked her straight in the eye. Finally I said "We are doing this. You are getting the full experience" She was sobbing and sniffing but bent over. I then caned her again and again until she had had a total of 6. At the end she was crying shivering and shaking but stayed bent over. I don't think she realised it was finished. It had obviously been very emotionally hard for her. I stood her up and we hugged as I recall and eventually she stopped sobbing. I actually felt a bit depressed after as I recall. I felt I had hurt her. Anyway she rubbed her bottom and I reached around and tried to pull off the control briefs and she was adamant that they stay on. I said I wanted to see the stripes and that as kids after a caning we always went to the toilets to see the stripes. She said OK just at the back and she turned away from me and pulled the control briefs down just far enough for me to see her backside and one red and five dark purple black stripes across the cheeks. Wow I thought. Again there were these mixed feelings about the power and the feeling of having hurt her. Anyway she pulled them back up and pulled down her dress. She was quite quiet for the rest of the day. I recall I had dinner with her and her mother that night. She did not say anything but I did notice that she sat slowly. I did not get to cane her again. She did not discuss it and I did not ask. Infact in hindsight the relationship probably changed a bit that day and so even though we remained bf & gf for a while we split up sometime later and I wonder whether that was the reason.

Apr 20

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  • My girlfriend is 21 and i am 22.When she was 16,she finially made her First Holy Communion in the class of 2nd graders.She was dressed like the little girls in a poofy,short sleeve,above the knees communion dress and veil with lace anklets and white maryjane shoes and had the same white plastic pants and tee shirt under her dress just like the little girls wore.She can still fit into the outfit and every so often i have her put it on and she acts like a little girl! I wind up taking her over my lap,bringing her communion dress up and spanking her on the plastic pants! She loves the feeling of being spanked and dominated!

  • I hump my gf when she wears Spanks. It's our kink

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