Up coming work trip with a co-worker

I'm 24 & currently living with my boyfriend. My company is sending me & my co-worker Andrew to training in Chesapeake, VA next month. We already booked separate rooms at the hotel. However, the training ends at noon on Wednesday and he's taking the rest of the week off because he rented a house at the Outer Banks and invited me to join him.
Andrew's 38, single, attractive and lost his wife in a car wreck 7 years ago. At work, we get along great. He talked me into joining the same gym and are workout buddies. My boyfriend won't go to the gym with me. He's into gaming and teleworks part-time for an IT company.
Andrew and I have hooked up twice and one time I spent the night at his place because my boyfriend was out of town at a gaming tournament.
Spending time with Andrew is different than with my boyfriend.
I want to spend the weekend with Andrew but I'm currently in my first serious relationship. Andrew has told me he's interested in a future and tbh I want a future with Andrew too. We have more in common.
What should I do?

Apr 23

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  • Cheating **

  • It sounds like this is nearly a done deal so why not just have a small amount of respect for your bf and yourself, and tell him you’re ending the relationship. You don’t necessarily need to rake him across the coals of letting him know you basically already have a well established replacement relationship. Either way, you should move on with the guy you really want to be with.

  • You're trash. Let your BF know what you really are and let him find a decent woman for a partner.

  • Go and boink Andrew, gamers are losers

  • Lose the immature gamer.

  • Andrew sounds a little gay

  • Go with andrew and be happy and date him forget the gamer

  • You should. One down to Florida and strip for me. Then we can ** all night

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