Costume party at the Marina

Wife and I got away about 7 months ago on our 38' Boat to escape the lock down up North. Ended up off the Space coast in FL at a great Marina, it had comfort stations, a huge inground pool, with a great area for lounging out on recliners & deck chairs, an area to grill, a small ship store. On weekends a Tiki Bar came to Life with island music and plenty of mingling! We met a bunch of similar travelers who made the voyage yearly. My wife found out about some costume party they were planning, and a couple shows up and they offer body painting, and a few women were planning to paint they're b****, including my 50 yr old wife. She doesn't look her age, more like a 30yr old, runs daily does stretching & yoga, I keep the ship in shape. My wife wears tiny bikini's, no implants all natural, usually no bra or panties, likes short skirts and heels, and so do I ! Anyway, she's going to be a sexy vamp Witch, lite black sheer to waist hosiery with black wedge thigh high boots, a sleeveless stretch top that clings to her body and snaps in her crotch area with a witch hat and a big cape~that's it??!!*?? Her whole ass is exposed and her b**** and nipples are plainly visible, but what the heck, I'm a salty Pirate, and she was one of many of slave women I keep aboard the Black Pearl...yea right !! So the event is here and we're over my this couples 78' mega yacht with about 12 other couples. We were pounding down these Rum shots munching on sliders & wings, and talking about who's getting the body paint and just checking out all the t*** and ass. Of course my wife is twirling around so everyone can check out her ass and she's totally aroused her nipples are protruding out thru that thin fabric, and we're all getting ready to go down to the Deck by the Tiki Bar which we had reserved 2 tables. I asked my wife, hey babe if you take off your top to get your boobies painted, you'll be totally nude except for those shear stockings . She said I'm taking off the stockings, I brought a bikini bottom and heels. I said damn...ok! So, after about an hour they started to paint the Ladies. About 6 got they're boobies painted all different designs, it was AWESOME! these woman loved the attention, and they were all so h**** and loaded! My wife got her's done and disappeared to change, when I saw her again, she looked completely different, gone was the witch get up, she looked like a MILF ! By now its around 10:30-11p since it was a closed party for Marina guests only, a few guys showed up and were checking out the girls who enjoyed the attention and they danced and sat at they're tables until closing time. My wife and another woman wanted to go swimming, I said I didn't, and I said go on if you want to, I'll be back. About 3 women and 4 guys went over to the pool which was supposed to be closed after 11 but one of the Guys worked for the Marina and said if they keep it down it'll be ok. I made some coffee on our boat, and showered, I figure I head back to the pool and get my wife so I brought her a top and a pair of shorts. On the way over to the pool I ran into 2 of the guys and the other girl who was semi nude and buzzed, I asked if everything was ok, and they said, yup, I asked is my wife still over there,they said laughing , yeah, they're by the recliners, I said alright goodnight. As I got by the Pool, it was quiet & empty, I could see the faint outline of someone laying down and a person in a chair sitting next to them. I kinda stood off to the side trying to figure out who these people were...I was along a row of umbrella's so I wasn't totally visible. as my eyes adjusted, I could see another person kneeling to the side of the person in the recliner, then I could see the shape of 2 legs wrapped around the figures head, actually a person head & torso were between whomever's legs, and the person to the right was actually standing kneeling to side of the person. I had to get closer.... as I quietly moved in, I could now see, it was a woman laying on her back with her legs wrapped around a guys head as he was licking her v***** cupping her ass, while she was sucking the other guy straddling her. I could hear them telling this woman, yea baby suck it, and she was saying, I knew you wanted to f_-ck me when you 1st saw me. and she was grinding her hot _ussy against the other guys face, and saying f_ck me now. I immediately figured out it was my wife, I didn't make a big scene or yell out, I quietly backed away, and left her with those 2 20 yr old guys.
S_it I went back to the boat waited up awhile, then just went to bed. I didn't hear her come aboard or know what time she got back. I got up around 9, made some coffee and about an hour later made me something to eat. She didn't get up until after 3p. She took a shower had a bagel, and went by the pool where I was laying out and fell asleep for about another hour. I asked her how she felt and did everything go ok last night, She said, I got drunk, I'm a little sore and hung over, but I'll be ok. I said you have a couple of bruises on your butt and leg, and she said yea I know, I put some lotion on them.
We stayed there another week and went down towards Jupiter. We went shopping and I asked her to buy some sexy revealing blouses and dresses, so we're planning to get Uber to pick us up and we're staying at a Hotel near the water. Maybe it could be another episode of her wanting an encounter or maybe not, I'll let ya know.

Mar 25, 2021

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