The day my selfish brat of a first cousin lost his jet plane

My Grandfather owned a farm and he was burning straw off of a few acres to plant some clover. The dead shrubs were piled high and burned.

The fire was hot and the fire eventually burned down to red hot glowing coals.

During this time my younger cousin was playing with his toy jet plane which was an attractive blue toy. I wanted to see it but he refused and kept it to himself. While throwing this plane which was stupid because the toy couldn't fly he like an idiot threw the plane into the fire. It was an accident albeit a stupid accident.

The toy was made of pot metal which is similar to lead or solder which has a low melting point. The rubber wheels flashed fierily and the blue paint turned gray. Then the whole plane melted into a vaguely shaped plane like mass. In other words the plane was destroyed.

The coals were too hot to retrieve but later on after my cousin went home I was able to get the melted destroyed toy out of the now cooled ashes. It was a complete loss except for one final use.

We visited my Grandparents again and I had his melted down jet plane sitting on the kitchen table for him to see. He burst out crying to my gleeful smiles and laughter.

28 days

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