Selfish bratty spoiled rotten first cousin

My cousin was a spoiled self centered little brat. When he would come over hed help himself to my toys and sometimes break them. I grew to hate the little a******.

I was 12 and he was 7 which is a bad combination. Twelve being old enough not to want to hang with some seven year old brat.

One day we were over at my grandfathers farm when he was playing with an attractive toy airplane. My gradnfathr was clearing his land for farming by buring off the underbrush. The fire had died down to red hot embers when my cousin accidentally threw his toy into the fire. Before this happened I had asked to see the plane but of course he refused to let he borrow it.

When the plane hit the fire the toy did several things. The paint burst into flame and the rubber wheels exploded. Then the plane which was made of pot metal melted into an airplane shape glob of bubbling metal.

I proceeded to burst out laughing. If he had let me see the toy this would not have happened. I was laughing and pointing first at the plane and then him. He was crying inconsolably.

I walked back into the house and left him staring at the remains of his destroyed toy. His parents cussed him out throughly and his father slapped his stupid little butt.

Well they went home and I spent the night with my grandparents. The next day I retrieved the melted airplane and confirmed that it was really nothing more than a melted down piece of s***.

I kept this until my cousin came back for another visit. I showed him what was left of his airplane and he got to bawling again. His father swatted him again calling him a bawl baby.

I went to my room and laughed until I thought my sides would split.

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  • Great story. Revenge is best served on a cold plate.

  • You sound like a bully, and the world hates bullies!

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