I love japanase lady employers because i know they are dominant

And that by default , the nature of the relationship with the employee is based on dominaton and submission , this mean that a japanase lady employer only need the following suggestion to place the candy in the chake that is their relationship with an adoring employee, the suggestion is: find an employee that is particulary submissive and adoring , and teach him\her to worship your feet and kiss your ** wherever you ask , make it become a part of the job, a part of what they are paid for , a part of the normal routine :D

May 25

Next Confession

The point is that the employer is really superior , really better

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  • Look usually i like to troll but ima be honest bro you got issues

  • Shut the ** up you narrow minded ** head who can't tell a real threat from something that it isn't

  • You’re posting this everywhere. They have the nastiest farts and enjoy torturing men with them.

  • ???? bro gimme some of what you're smoking

  • Yes, i do this in order to find more people who are interested in this kind of stuff

  • ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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