How to spot a f**k boy

Not sure if a boy likes you are not, mix signals? read this. So I am going to be talking about something that happened to me years ago not recently. It all started in high school when it was summer from Junior year going to Senior year. I met a boy through my friend's boyfriend, we all four had fun & I instantly was attracted to this boy we will call him Grade a a**hole or Gaa for short. Not only did I think he was cute I wanted to get to know him & the things he was into I was into as well, like 80's movies, hiking, camping, yada yada. The thing was I never expressed this to him that I liked all these things because I was so afraid of being judged by him or saying something wrong. At first this wasn't an issue but over time he teased me about being so quiet, which only made things worse & made me shut my mouth even more. Which later he would tell me that we never really knew each other, kind of hurt because I knew so much about him. Just never showed the real me to him. Anyways fast forward through the fact that he was the first one I got physical with not per se having s** but others things. it was like a roller coaster ride one minute he would like me the next he wouldn't. And many times through this I would eventually tell myself to move on and whenever I was about to, poof he would text me like those annoying data texts you get from your cell phone providers saying you are over. Then he went into the military and left. Before he left we were about to have s** but didn't. So romantic right lol. But while we would send letters while he was in bootcamp. I was about to give up on him once again b/c i didn't hear anything from him for a few weeks. Then he texted me. We texted for about two months & he was about to come home soon for a little while & I was about to head off to college. I found out though that he slept with someone right before he left. So I was of course hurt, upset and felt like crying a bit. But when Gaa came back we had s**, I know stupid me right ahah. Anyways after that he went back to the military and I went to college. He kind of stopped talking to me but occasionally would talk to me again here & there. Through all of that I was really hurt why someone would do that to me. Lead me on, say they like me, have s** with me and then stop talking. Later when I would try to talk to him, Gaa would just start the conversation nice & then be mean to me & act like I'm crazy. So one day he texted me out of the blue this was like 2 years since I met him when he did this. We were talking and then he asks for photos of me. So me being excited thinking he "liked" me again I did. Then I asked him if he liked the photos and Gaa was like I deleted them I didn't even look at them. And my normal reaction was like why? Then Gaa told me he had a girlfriend. Of course I was upset and he proceeded to tell me all of these things about her yada yada. Anyways it kind of ate at me because I felt like he never wanted to date me or be in a relationship because of the distance but his girlfriend was from where I was. Soo.... you kind of see what I'm saying right? During that time of my life I felt like no guy would like me. No one would love me. Yeah I was pathetic, so I basically pronounced my love to Gaa and asked if he ever loved me. I can't stop laughing I was a total ignoramus back then. Of course he said no and i was upset. But I remember I said something about what we had or whatever not quite sure what I said. Obviously it wasn't important. But after I texted whatever gut wrenching idiotic thing I said he called me over & over & over. I didn't want to answer because I was so upset. Then I finally answered until the missed calls were in the 10 area. We talked and sh**, he said some bullsh** about how I will find someone. But he proceeded to tell me he would always be attracted to me. Like what? Like dood, why you say things like this to someone that is obviously hurt by you and you have a girlfriend. Imbecile. After that I moved on needed to focus on me and right. when. I. was. about. to. move. on. BAM Gaa texts me. Then says I broke up with my girlfriend Of course I fell into the little trap. Like a poor baby fly minding its own business then wham a spider web comes out of butt f***ing nowhere. needless to say i looked into it as something more and of course it was the same stinking sh**. He even told me how he wish he dated me before he left for the military or at least tried it. Like what? But he said he didn't want to date me now maybe when he gets out of the military. That was the defining moment where I realized he never liked me and what is the point of waiting. Anyways this is really long but if a boy asks for nudes, likes texting dirty before you are an item, says he likes you one moment & not the next, texts you in erratic patterns. DO NOT BE NAIVE! He does not like you, even if he thinks you are attractive. RUN AWAY. He is a f**k boy. not really a confession more like don't make my mistakes

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