Unhelpful In Search for Lost Bikini Top

My family and I (my mother, BFF, sister, brother, and my brother's girlfriend) were vacationing by a lake this summer. We were swimming in an empty part of the lake about 10 miles from the resort and our Mom decided to go get groceries from the nearby town while we were busy. She forgot that our towels and clothes were in the car when she left. We had no way to contact her so we just kept on swimming.

Probably twenty minutes later we were far out in the lake with an inflatable paddle boat. My brother and his girlfriend were in the boat and she stopped paddling to adjust the knot on the back of her bikini top. My brother took this opportunity to playfully tip the boat. She screamed playfully and they harshly splashed into the lake, but when they surfaced she screamed again and swam several feet away from us. She lost her bikini top in the ruckus.

To make this situation worse, this was her first time on a family trip with us, she was still shy around us, she was very very cute, and she was just 17 (I'm 19 for reference, so no creeping).

So the other 4 of us went on the search, acting quickly before it sank out of reach. I swam a few feet beneath the surface and after a few seconds bumped into her bikini top. Before I say what I did next, let me just clarify that she was really really cute, and I had been having trouble keeping my eyes off her chest all day; her bikini had triangular cups that cut away in the middle and showed about 40% of her modest and perfect assets.

I stuffed her bikini top into my trunks.

Eventually everyone had to give up the search and she spent the next hour and a half until our Mom got back trying to maneuver her topless self as best she could to preserve what little modesty she had left. (The boat was clear plastic, so she obviously couldn't keep her b**** squished against that.)

I didn't want to risk keeping such damning evidence in my trunks so I waited a bit and then stealthily grabbed a piece of sheet rock from the lake bed and tied the top to it. It's probably still tied down there about ten feet under.

And no, I ultimately do not regret what I did. She eventually rejoined us (trying to stay in the deep murky water) and even enjoyed herself; and I got several eyefuls. I'm never going to forget how awesome her b**** looked.



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  • Ya the same thing happened to me but when I pulled myself out of the water on the swim platform of the boat my top went sliding down exposing my bare b****** for all to see on the only thing said was WOW by one older guy. I couldn't cover them cuz I had to hang onto the railing so I just ignored it and climbed out of the water went below and put on a dark T shirt.

  • Adults who date underage kids should be thrown in jail

  • Its being jerked into by some 70yo dirty old man

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