She’s not going to f*** you, dude

One of my friends is a middle aged, kind of out of shape, plain looking fella (no shame, so am I lol). For the past several MONTHS he’s been frequently promoting a fundraiser to help a younger, attractive, ** woman, who he knows through a shared hobby community, gather funds to help her cover pretty standard moving costs & storage fees when she had to find a new apartment.

People have long since stopped responding to his posts. It’s impressively raised $3000 out of the $5000 goal in 3 months, but every time he reposts the link I have the same two thoughts, “these are common expenses no plain or homely person would ever consider other people covering” & “Dude, even if you get her the full $5000 she’s never gonna f*** you”. And I just looked at the donation list. Out of 41, 6 are anonymous, 4 are women, 3 from couples. The other 28 are all guys like my friend.

Part of me wants to say all of this to my friend, but he’s not harming anyone. No one’s been forced to donate. But I just shake my head how someone can show off ample cleavage, bat her eyes, and get sad, lonely men to open their wallets to cover expenses we all face in life.

Jul 26

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