Dreamed of ** with a pregnant woman stranger

I dreamed that a very pregnant woman was coming to our farm and we met at the gate. As she said hi to me she gave me a hug and some kisses, which I thought was strange. We had small talk at the gate and I left as she proceeded into our house. When I returned, we again met at the gate, she said bye to me, and gave me some more hugs and kisses.

One thing let to another and I started having ** with her on a grass patch by the gate. It was so real that I woke up ** the bed so hard that I was almost **. I am so glad my girlfriend was not even here, but I loved the dream.

Talking to my baby mama with our kids, while they were on a cruise in another country, she said that a woman we both know (her friend) who has been trying to have a baby for over 20 years is expecting a baby girl in 10 weeks( I was so happy for her), and reminded me that I refused to knock that friend up, despite the fact that I wanted more kids. The contradiction is that baby mama has been telling me for years not to have any more kids, because 4 are enough- I have 2 with her. She had encouraged me to get her friend pregnant but I just didn't have the guts back then as I do now.

When I mentioned to my gf that that my kids mom's friend is expectant, she said she is so glad it's not her baby and she won't be able to deal with a baby in her life right now. I don't blame her, we are not spring chickens, and she can't have one anyway. I just never stopped having kids and I keep that secret well guarded. I have 3 kids with 3 different women in a far away country(one with a married woman). This year I will visit the place and try to knock up another two women up, one of them is another married one. I find it a major turn on to make babies,especially with married women.

Jul 30

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