Trying to get pregnant by man 6 years older than my son

I'm fifty he is 12 years younger. We met last summer. Learned he wanted another baby. I was not on birth control but the thrill of unprotected s** turned me on. But one day he said he wanted to stop pulling out and wanted a baby with me. Saw my dr. And cannot wait. Not telling anyone. Raised my kids well and safe. We have been doing it all over. But when i agree to have a baby he could not enough of me. His baby mama abandoned his son. Says he wants a mature mom and lover. I love the feeling of him deep in my womb. Knowing he wants to mix our DNA. He's a great dad but a grrear lover.


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  • In my mid teens a friends mother got upset when her husband left and took the kids. I went to check on her, found her drunk on the sofa unshowered.
    I got her showered fixed her some food, then put her in bed. She ask me not to leave her, and that opened the door for me to ask her to have s**. Fear of being alone I feel made her allow it. I spent the nights at her house that summer, buy July she was pregnant and she knew it by August.
    She worried that she might get in trouble due to my age, and hers. She called her husband and he came and got her. She had my son, they raised him.
    Found out her husband wanted mroe children, she did not. She agreed to have another after she had mine with him.

  • Very, very, very sexy urge, and an even sexier relationship. And I agree: being with a man who knows you're off birth control and desperately wants to breed you is an incredible thrill. A friend of mine did this, too, and let herself get knocked up outside her marriage . . . . . . and never told her husband anything. Just so wild and hot and sexy!

  • I want a woman like u and am almost 50. best of luck

  • OHHH LONG D***.

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