Pat downs/Frisks/Body cavity should not be able to be executed

All pat downs regardless of validity should not be able to be exercised in any form of government or private entity unless said person wants it. I’m just ** and extremely disgusted that these pieces of ** that do that are extremely villainess, vile and the most evil ** I’ve ever had to see done to others. Knowing that in the usa prisons are allowed to do that ** me off to the extreme and the cops that do it should have it done on to them by the very prisoners they do it to. It would only be fair and just seeing as how the ** take pleasure in doing it. Which is pure evil given the cops that enjoy it are Satan infested.

Now about the argument that if they didn’t want it they would have not gone to prison **. Not all prisoners are guilty and sent their while being innocent. You justifying causing trauma to the few to benefit the majority is extremely villainess and the most disgusting creature I would ever have the pleasure of talking to. I hate people like you that would argue that and wish it would happen to you instead then just for kicks cuz that’s how you’re sounding by saying that.

The lowest of the low of “but what about officer safety?” **. To use your argument above against you how do you like it? Don’t see it? Ok I’ll explain. Only one or two officers are injured by objects found in body cavities that inmates bring in as contraband and the majority of inmates don’t do such things. See how stupid that sounds when it’s used against you? Or another solution is don’t work there simple as that. Yeah I still don’t expect you to see it though so ** you and people like you who think this ** is ok. Disgusting creatures like you I hope you reap what you sow and that it happens to you but only worse.

Solutions: I wouldn’t mind this happening if said inmate consented to it with or without contingencies. An example would be if a male wants a hot ** girl to frisk him. The ** female should be provided to frisk him. Now the whiners will say “oh but what if the female doesn’t want to do that” then don’t arrest him and bring him to prison or if you don’t dont frisk him and leave him be. Officer safety tho? Then don’t work there. Crime tho? Wouldn’t be a problem if everyone was happy. Not everyone can be happy; well we’ve come full circle, so id repeat my paragraph post above and we’d start this argument again.

Now I won’t be reading nor replying to any of the disagreeing comments cuz my argument is perpetuating. Go ** yourselves to anyone that implemented this or facilitates this **. I hate you all that do this ** and wish the worst on you for the disgusting ** and pain you cause others for your selfish greed and gratification. ** faggots.

25 days

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I don't care if teenagers or adults want to vape

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  • You are an idiot.

  • I like frisking and patting down stupid female felons like you. So angry all the time. Such hard tips when I squeeze and fondle their fun bags. Mmmm. Now bend over and spread them sweetie. Good girl, good girl.

  • Oh yeah, and lube up her rear then enjoy it while squirting man juice in there, she will like the feel when she walks afterwards

  • OK repeat felon! No pat downs, no arrests, no laws.

    Hope you serve your time well.

  • You're an idiot.

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