the extent of my loyalty

I hate people who cheat on their spouses/bfs/gfs. I DESPISE them.
I even told on my best friend when she was cheating on her boyfriend. She was happily and confidently telling me about about the numerous guys she was sleeping with.

Last night I had one of those really vivid dreams where you can remember almost everything in it after you wake up, remember that you could physically feel everything and everyone you touched.

I was on vacation with a friend of mine, and we were living with a Malay family. a husband and wife, a son (who was around my age), and loads of pets. I don't remember any names, but the son and I had so much in common. Our likes and dislikes, we were passionate about all the same things. Somewhere in the middle of my dream we got closer and closer... and we talked about how we felt this amazing connection. And he asked me to give our relationship a shot. I immediately thought about my real life bf and how what I was doing in the dream was SO wrong. In the dream I held on to the nameless guy, and cried and cried, and he cried too. and just before I woke up, we both decided to go ahead with it and NEVER tell anyone. And now I am feeling SO much guilt, and all from this dream. I feel like i'm just such a hypocrite and I didn't even consciously do anything.


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  • It was just a didn't do anything wrong,and it's perfectly normal to have dreams about other people.You will be fine.

  • When we talk about dreams, we generally talk about the feelings we feel in the dream. I might say you have an unconsious feeling of guilt in your current relationship, you may feel disappointed or let down in some way you're not getting your needs met. Not uncommon in relationships. I feel the theam of this dream is "new and different situations", for example, on vaction, the beach (water resembles the subconcious in dreams) maybe new pets, but more importantly, the feeling of connectivity. I wouild explore your current relationship and reevaluate your needs, maybe even place yourself in a different location than normal while you explore yourself. And remember, drugs and alcohol f*** with all our emotiions and growth, so if you can, refrain from them while you figure this out!!

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