I love her but

I truly love my wife, but... She is really mean to me. We have been married for 15 years now. Whenever she is stressed she strikes out. Her anger lingers for days. If she is angry about something she will torment the person she is angry with until they blow up and respond. I am trying to teach our son to control his response to her. He is 13 now and is defying her. He usually does anything I ask. He respects me and never talks back to me. But last night he talked back to his mom and when I asked him to make up with her he would not. Usually her anger subsides after a day or so, I know it will this time also. If I try to confront her she makes my life miserable. I can't seem to stand up for myself.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Time to leave her ass, serve her divorce papers and seek full custody, of your son.Your wife has anger issues and needs to seek anger management help.If she continues with this behaviour, she'll self-destruct.I would usually suggest confronting her within a diplomatic way and discuss these concerns, but it appears it may, make matters worse.Talk to family, friends and/or therapist about this.Don't suffer in silence.Maybe talk to her family about this, what do you think? Maybe they could reach out to her.But then again, I don't know what her family is like.Are they a supportive and healthy functioning family unit?

    GOOD luck

  • OP here. He is doing good so far. He has very good grades and plays a number of sports on high level teams. I do my best to be a good example but there are some things that even at 50 years old I am trying to figure out. He and I spend a lot of time together and have a trust between us that allows us to share most things. I have the problem that I can't stand up to her. I mean if it were just physical of course I am bigger and stronger. But it is emotional and she is like a mental terrorist. In 15 years of marraige my guess is that she has apologized 2 maybe 3 times for issues or fights that we have been in. For me I have learned to just give in early and say that I am sorry. (which is actually true, I am sorry that we have to treat each other so poorly). I guess that I fear living alone. I have been married twice and since I was 17 years old I have only had 2 years that I have not been with a woman. I question if I really love her or is it that I just have a need to love and she happens to benefit from that. I could go on and on of all the things I have alowed her to do and say that emasculate me. Such is my life. And most of the time I am OK with it.

  • She is a meanie and a bully. Good for your son. Why should he take mental abuse for her unstable condition?

    It seems to be common lately and many are having success with light medication. No longer the Valium that you used to get, but something better.

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