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When I met my husband, we were both married to other people. Even so, we dated/cheated for over a year, then wegot divorces and eventually maried each other. That was about two years ago that we got married. Then this spring he put a private investigater on me and found out I was sneaking to see a man we know from our church. He blew up on me like a atombomb. Since we had met cheating I thought he was cool with some amount of extra curiculer action. But now it looks like I'm in for another messy divorce. What up with that? I don't get it its a double standard and it sucks.

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  • He married a cheating w****. What did he expect?!?!

  • You are getting what you deserve. Dont want a other divorce? Dont be a piece of s***. Rather than cheating, you should strongly consider only dating men who want to be in open relationships.

  • W****

  • Yes I believe that about covers it

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